37 Main: What Went Wrong & Lawsuits Filed & NEW LOCATION

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Johns Creek’s favorite nighttime destination closed, and a LOT of people got angry, and bored! 37 Main: What Went Wrong?

The City should have inspected the building’s sound retention prior to the business opening.

After initial complaints within weeks of  37 Main opening, from nearby residents, the City should have addressed the noise violations and pulled business licenses if necessary, instead of waiting 2 years to so. Nipping the problem in the bud, would have validated the issue to the business owners and nearby residents alike, rather than ignoring for two years and then the knee-jerk reaction.

After viable lawsuits were threatened, the City instituted a strict noise ordinance, which essentially closed the business down.

Lawsuits were filed Nov 2, 2016  against the City by Joseph White and David White, owners of 37 Main. Although David White’s case was dismissed, Joseph White’s case is still open.

All in all, the City failed to utilize Johns Creek Advantage(JCA) to retain the 37 Main business in Johns Creek. JCA is sponsored by the City and is considered the “economic development engine” of our local government. JCA’s goal is to “recruit and retain” businesses within Johns Creek.

  • Form volunteer “Rapid Response Team” to intervene in critical situations involving a company’s possible expansion or potential departure from Johns Creek. – Johns Creek Advantage
  • Johns Creek economic development professionals (JCA) work diligently with local, state and federal professionals to develop a competitive incentive package that makes doing business in our community the right choice. – Johns Creek Advantage

Why didn’t Johns Creek Advantage deploy to stop 37 Main from leaving the City? They fund-raised over a million dollars for economic development. Surely some of it could have been used to assist 37 Main to soundproof the building, and keep them in Johns Creek.

Months ago, the JCP reached out to 37 Main about their departure, and they were unaware of the JCA and its role within the City. So much for reaching out to local businesses to help them remain within the City.

So the Rock n Roll train moves on…

 37 Main is in the process of relocating to Gainsville and plan to open June 1st.

Oh, the former 37 Main location in Johns Creek is still vacant.

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10 thoughts on “37 Main: What Went Wrong & Lawsuits Filed & NEW LOCATION”


    1. They primarily focus on businesses in Tech Park.
      Here is a picture from the JCA website of the board of directors.
      They determine or rather pick and choose the winners and losers of who JCA helps.
      Source: Johns Creek Advantage website

  1. Also, the City of Johns Creek “Donates” $100k per year to the JCA.
    This is on top of the $1million fundraising from private sector that JCA raised.

  2. This is an example of elected officials not acting in the best interest of their constituents. I mean when I discovered this place I was so happy it was like a place you’d find in Atlanta yes was right around the corner instead of a 20-30 minute drive. I would like to see some form of an apology by the mayor for not exhausting all options to keep an business with a great atmosphere local. I’ll be sure to commit this atrocity to memory come voting time.

  3. Glad and happy to have the business in Gainesville. They will create jobs and pay tons of taxes into our city. Those extra dollars will help Gainesville continue to grow. I guess if I lived in Johns Creek I’d vote these guys out of office.

  4. This is shameful as it smells and reeks of somebody getting to the Mayor. Power and money….there is a lot of shadiness beyond just this example. The city’s explanations of closing down this business does not add up and it really should be investigated.

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