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Johns Creek: Georgia’s Premier Residential Community

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- $137K Average Household Income - Highly Educated Population
- 80K Residents - Safest City in Georgia
- 21K Families - Top Rated Schools

About The Johns Creek Post Readership

Our Reader profile is comprised mostly of homeowners, ages ranging from 28-98.

Highly educated & engaged in the community & schools, they love to support local businesses.

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All ads will be displayed on every page.
Ads will rotate their position to keep fresh view for every reader.
Advertisers are welcome to swap out their graphics to display different images.
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Praise for the Johns Creek Post

"As a two-time candidate who vowed to run a smarter campaign by spending less and reaching the voters that mattered most, the Johns Creek Post helped me to achieve that objective with minimal cost and the greatest return on investment. Advertising on the JCP was invaluable."
"The Johns Creek Post offers insight I have not found elsewhere unless I really take time to search. Much of the information is in the public domain, albeit hard to find, except for the Post.
I appreciate that the JCP distills down issues affecting our special city so residents understand important decisions that could impact us for the long term. I also love the various announcements regarding upcoming events and and interesting offerings throughout JC.
Advertisers help support this publication and I make a point of supporting advertisers. Thanks to JCP and to its advertisers."
"The Johns Creek Post is unique in its approach to local topics of interest, with reporting that tackles issues with an edge that cannot be found elsewhere."
"We all talk about the good ole days and how we long for the simplicities, honesty, and accuracy delivering "what's happening in our little world" and to whom it is happening.
Well, folks here is an opportunity to get there with news reporting. The Johns Creek Post is reminiscent of news reporting of the past. Just the honest truth, not what they want you to take away. You get to make your own choice from the facts presented.
My wife's aunt who is now 98 owned a small town newspaper and she would always tell us, she never had any trouble going to sleep at night after she put her weekly to bed. JCP and its staff can faithfully say they do the same.
There are lots of quotes by Will Rogers and if you are curious to find out what he was like, search him out. Jennifer Jensen and the JCP has a lot of his traits, Thank Goodness."

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