Apartments Galore in the 'District'

April 20, 2015

Proposed District: Apartments Galore

We break down the Apartments Galore renderings of the District. High-Density Apartments fill every subsection of the Potential Largest Redevelopment...

Due to the large size of the area, Urban Design Associates divided into 6 sections.



Canal District

Proposed to be the first developed, 3 vacant lots (6 acres) are owned by TPA (Tech Park Atlanta). Hilton Garden Inn owns the adjacent empty lot. 3 office buildings in this area have approx 30% vacancy. 1 building is empty.

Here is a rendering of the Existing Conditions.


The creek bed, a wooded stream would be converted into a 'Canal', with restaurants and retail facing the water. Most surrounding buildings are residential.


Color Key


Commercial___ Cultural___ Parking




Option 2 for the Canal District

Landmark building heights of 12-20 stories. Also, current commercial buildings remaining.
Purple Buildings indicate existing buildings. In the distance, Pink Building is City Hall, with half acre Village Green.







Existing Conditions


South of Canal District would comprise of City Hall, retail, Lake/Pond Amphitheater and more apartments/ TR surrounded by small community park/trail.



In Option 2, City Hall would have a half acre Village Green, more parking and less green space.







More & More Apartments...




State Farm


As a possible College Extension Campus with Apartments & Townhomes...



Or Primarily More Apartments, few Townhomes & few retail buildings.


East End

This land is currently in litigation. City Council denied TPA rezoning of this land for 53 houses. Now City Council's consultant UDA is recommended Apartments and Townhomes...Eastend_existing



For the Westside, where LA Fitness, Chilis, IHOP etc is, Urban Design envisions distant long-term plans of redoing the current Retail to more condense shops surrounded by apartments.

The land around the current City Hall would also be filled with More Apartments & Townhomes!

Westside_existing westside

Also, the complete Charrette Presentation can be seen here.

So what do you think of potentially the Largest Redevelopment Project in Georgia?

City Council would like your feedback.

[email protected]


Frontpage image of proposed 8 Lane changes to Medlock Bridge Rd.

Renderings Source: City of Johns Creek

Commercial Building Data: Johns Creek Advantage


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24 comments on “Apartments Galore in the 'District'”

  1. I am sure glad that I don't live anywhere near this part of Johns Creek. The schools near this will be over-flowing. You people got what you voted for. Must make you proud.

  2. I am so out of here. This is not what we envisioned Johns Creek would be. The traffic is so awful now- can you imagine what this mess will bring!!

  3. Why are we doing this? Other than the Mayor and his pronouncements, I have not heard either council members Gray, Davenport, Zaprowski, or Broadbent explain why we need this. Where is the evidence? We need a more involved city council in addition to our outspoken Mayor.

  4. The Mayor says that any development should not adversely affect our schools, traffic, safety, or parks. This seems to harm all of the above. Mayor Bodker says apartments and retail don't provide a surplus of property taxes to help the city. Wasn't this the original premise behind all of this???

  5. We have Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Millenials. Aren't we about due for a new stereotype? The Millenials are already married, having children and living in single-family homes.

  6. Since these are all Technology Park properties, why are we wasting $250,000 to $600,000 of taxpayer money on their behalf?

  7. Is this going to be another one of those times when politicians make the "HARD DECISIONS" to go against the desires of the community and implement their own views? There is some developer with money behind all this. Weren't there allegations of Bodker being involved in some developer scandal?

  8. From what I have seen, if a developer wanted to create lakeside dining venues, it could have been done without the City's involvement.

    Apartments are NOT the answer to any of the questions I hear from my neighbors.

    1. I would love to see a "Newtown Park" like environment, some Greenspace areas and other quality of life amenities that we have been asking for for the past 20 years of development. We have beautiful areas to accommodate what existing residents want....let's do it!

  9. This area is already highly populated and adding more apartments is just not the answer. Apartments bring in a different element into our schools and community. I recently noticed the building of ab E-Cigarette store across from Northview HS. which is unacceptable in my opinion, however, the Mayor and his staff seem to care less. Johns Creek is literally going to the dogs with Massage shops on every corner...we all know what happens in these places.
    we need a new Mayor who cares about the area and what's good for the existing residents.

  10. In my opinion, unless you can fill the already vacant buildings with businesses; you should not build more. Do what you want - you do anyway! We are not staying around after watching this area go down the dumps these past 20 years! Line your pockets with the taxpayers money and pat each other on the back while you screw up the area and move on!

  11. Johns Creek's motto - Be the Exception hahhahahhahahhahha
    Apartments and traffic = a nightmare, what a great equation!
    Is this the big vision for Johns Creek? I think we need a new mayor and council that will do what the residents want for a change,

  12. Urban Design Associates projected a population increase in the future based on trends over the past years, and stated that if we got our "fair" share, then we will add X number of residents.

    Does it then become the city's responsibility to add housing for X number of people? Only if you are involved with HUD and CBDGs.

    I'd like to see a discussion on whether or not we want our city to grow by X number of people. What is wrong with staying as we are, more or less? Do we really have to be in a race for head count?

    Instead of quantity of life, let's have quality of life.

  13. The District = The Dump.
    Dump some apartments in there. Mix it with a little retail.
    Add in a bunch of traffic problems. Throw in a bit of greenery to pacify the Green people. Wow a nice recipe for disaster.

    1. These are concept plans, that have been pushed back to the 'drawing board'. UDA is expected to return in June with revised concepts based on the feedback of this version. What will be interesting, is how they interpret the feedback.

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