7 thoughts on “Ask the Candidates: Discuss an issue in Johns Creek you would like to Address”

  1. And the *victor* is Bradberry


    Now don’t get me wrong, looks like your second paragraph contradicts your first(at least the beginning of the 2nd).

    Secondly, can you further really elaborate and give us a solution(what would Vicki do❓❗️) about “creating an environment where” everyone feels/people feel(since you repeat it again in the 2nd paragraph).

  2. Like Bodker, you gotta go!

    @Zappity Zap Zap!

    “There is way too many exciting…”

    Calm down, comrade!

    “I have discussed…I have been working…”

    Glad to know.

    “…add one final thought.”

    Too many.

    “Running .. to keep city exceptional!”

    No. You are working hard to make this city like any other ordinary city. Anything BUT exceptional.

    “In other words…”

    Nonsense. You guys couldn’t even get a road project(eg. Old Alabama) done on time, or on the money.

    “My name is..”

    Where’s your name tag!

    “I have been..”

    Yes, you have been a RELIABLE ally of Bodker, Broadbent.. and Davenport!

    “Any questions?”

    No, here’s an answer- nie jest za późno na wycofanie.

  3. Councilmember Endres – Many residents would like to pause development until traffic congestion is resolved or substantially mitigated.

    What’s the best approach for us to get general consensus on defining what that means/looks like given there’s going to be a wide divergence of opinion? I also believe we can’t pause “community friendly” development projects indefinitely.

    Also, what will continue to directly impact our traffic issues is Forsyth County recently opened it’s new sewage treatment facility (near MGF & Bell Rd.) and they have plenty of land to continue expanding this facility, and they will. Water & sewer treatment capacity is a core part to economic development and I’m seeing numerous development projects near our borders happening right now, and I’m certain Forsyth won’t stop anytime soon.

    1. Anonymous – In regards to infrastructure, I believe the approach that is being taken now by having monthly town halls to share plans, discuss resident concerns and changing the plans based on feedback, as appropriate, is a great start. If we engage as a community, recognize the goals to be accomplished, clearly identify consequences with a plan to mitigate and then benchmark the results, we will have worked transparently to solve the identified problem as well as recognize the real impact of the improvements.

      Regarding development, it is important as a community we understand what is in the comprehensive land use plan and then we need to adhere to it. The comprehensive land use plan lays out the expectation to the community of what development is appropriate which is why we need to get the update of the comprehensive land use plan correct with citizen input and support.

      With resident input and engagement on infrastructure and the comprehensive land use plan update, the goal is to arrive at the right size and scope solution for our community.

      I hope this answered your questions and if not, please call me at (770) 359-7934 to discuss further.

  4. Anonymous,

    For me as a candidate, it first comes down to the process and how we communicate that is why I have proposed 11 geographic “Residential Nodes” (RN)to address local projects within the City of Johns Creek so subdivisions in each node can have a greater voice in what happens in their backyard.

    Example: Resident of St. Ives shouldn’t be deciding what is happening in Shakerag or Newtown.

    Each node would have a committee made up of homeowners AND an assigned City Council member for each (RN) providing direct representation/communication back to City Council.

    See my Residential Node link on my website http://www.vencoforjohnscreek.com for more details and feel free to call me at 770-480-6604 with any questions.

    Stephanie is correct, we need to get the Comp Plan done right the first time.

    This is why we need to vote for council members that have experience and come up with solutions and not just talk about the problems.


  5. Stephanie has the experience, the diplomacy, the intelligence, and the integrity to remain as council woman Post 5, to continue to carry on her good works.

    She’s represented the best interests of the residents of JC, (not the developers or the like), long before she became councilwoman.

    She had nothing to gain personally, yet without reservation she stood up for us. Even with a family and full time job she made time to represent us with grace, dignity and dedication.

    She was not seeking “atta girls” or any other recognition for caring about JC. She was a private citizen, yet stepped-up and asked Mayor Bodker and former council important questions- holding those making the decisions accountable. Not an easy task…

    On her own time, for several years that I personally know of, she was heavily involved with the ‘goings on in JC’, attending city hall meetings and advocating for us- the people who all to often blindly trust our politicians to do what’s right.