Billboard #9 to go Next to Johns Creek High School

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Billboard #9 to go Next to Johns Creek High School, according to an email from the City Manager, this morning. 

Action Outdoor is in the process of requesting their permit for their 9th billboard.  It will be located at 5725 State Bridge Road next to Pike’s landscaping. It will be a LED-lite billboard, two screen V-shaped, 14 feet in height by 48 feet in length. 

We’ve covered the Billboard issues at length in Johns Creek, if this is new to you, click here.

The owner/ leasing agent website is here

Contact info:

Elliott Kyle  404.812.8927

Kenny Holzer  404.812.8912

Ryan Holzer 404.812.8914


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4 thoughts on “Billboard #9 to go Next to Johns Creek High School”

  1. Is this in addition to the behemoth billboard near the intersection of State Bridge and Medlock
    Bridge Rd?!?

  2. Looks like the billboard will be installed during spring break. Soil testing – drilling was recently spotted.

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