Bob Gray Thwarts Marta in Johns Creek

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Bob Gray Thwarts Marta in Johns Creek with a Resolution at the last meeting.

Councilman Gray introduced a resolution opposing a tax increase to fund MARTA. It was passed unanimously.


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20 thoughts on “Bob Gray Thwarts Marta in Johns Creek”

  1. J Raja Wisepearl

    Thank you, Mr. Gray, for stopping the special interest groups from turning our beautiful Johns Creek into a ghetto!

  2. I thought the Mayor was all for the Marta and said in a council meeting awhile back that we citizens didn’t want it here because we were afraid black people were going to use it to come steal or stuff. Someone fact check. Did anyone hear him say this during a meeting when he was addressing public concerns about the “District” and traffic?

    1. There is absolutely NO WAY Mayor Bodker would say those things. The mayor is most interested in advancing Johns Creek to be as best that it can be. He is supporting minorities on the council races and could nor more considered a racist—as—say—you.

      1. Obviously, Smart Alec was not there at the city council meeting, otherwise he would have heard Bodker say all those things about Marta.

      2. J Raja Wisepearl

        Nazeera had previously told me that Mayor Bodker HATES Jay Lin so much that he persuaded Todd Burkhalter to jump into the race in order to create a runoff. The reason she said was that Lin had communicated to the local Chinese community using anti-Bodker rhetoric.

        The Mayor, she also said, was furious that she had received a campaign donation of $500 from Jay Lin. She had to convince him that it was a quid pro quo(you scratch my back…..type)deal, and she eventually contributed $500 to Jay Lin’s campaign.

        Smart. Very Smart!(Remember the old Magnavox ads!!)

        Happy Family pics for readers:


        1. Beautiful family pictures, Mr. Wisepearl.

          Ms. Dawood seems so happy before she was, as you said, pushed into politics by unsavory folks.

          Also, looks like SmartAlec was unaware… like most of the Johns Creek voters, that “minorities-supporting” mayor Bodker would engage in such a despicable act.

          Funny, did you watch Mayor Bodker discussing Billboards on video? He called the LEADERS of Fulton County “arrogant bastards!”


          As some of his frat buddies “think,” is he a racist?

      3. I was also at the meeting where smart ass Bodker made the comment Tom mentions here. It is fact.
        Bodker is notorious for trying to shame folks that do not agree with him. Typical democrat.

  3. As a businessman that frequently travels, I would be in favor of a Marta stop in Johns Creek instead of having to drive to Doraville to get my ride to the ATL airport

    1. The GRTA buses do that for you already. And they are much more luxurious than MARTA buses. So you already have available what you seek.

    2. Move to Doraville, Mike. It’s a free country!

      What next… would you want Hartsfield Jackson moved to Johns Creek for your personal convenience?

    3. Good for you Mike. Maybe you should consider moving closer the airport. MARTA is NOT wanted (or needed) by the majority of JC citizens.

    4. Mike,
      You are spot on the drive to the airport is miserable. iIts embarrassing that MARTA does not run at least up to Windward. This week due to ATL traffic congestion we had to ask 6 GE colleagues to take MARTA up to the North station instead of all the way to Windward. A very backward to most cities. This head-the-sand attitude is not good for John’s Creek. As white guy the barely below the surface racism here in JC is abhorrent. We’re supposed to be a smart city, the confederate flag might as well fly over JC when you see comments by our fellow citizens.

      1. MARTA runs up to Windward. MARTA has had bus service for years beyond Windward Parkway. In 2000, MARTA’S published plan was to have rail to Windward by 2030.

        So you crap about racism is unfounded. People do not want MARTA because it is strategically flawed, mismanaged, and has an inability to get things done.

        Fulton County did not set that time goal for rail, MARTA did.

        MARTA was too busy planning to build stations that they had promised to build in the 70’s in areas that today did not merit service.

        Hey, that’s how government operates!

        1. You know I wasn’t referring to bus service, but the train.
          This is how government works in Georgia, not in smarter America. GA State government does not fund MARTA unlike other states who want to provide solutions and relieve traffic on their highways. Plenty of dough to fund politicians Go Fish centers though.
          As far as racism I stand by the comment, we have confederate flag license plates, and the Stone Mountain slave owners memorial.

      2. Some of what you say here is quite short sighted. Not wanting to bring crime into JC is not racist. Check your facts. Where there is inexpensive public transportation going through any city the crime rate is higher. Where there is apartments and public housing the crime rate is higher. That is not racist, unless YOU think only blacks or other minorities use public transportation or live in apartments.
        People moved to JC for the open space, the low crime rate and good schools. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain the safety, feel and culture of the city.
        About the confederate flag> While it is strange that anyone would want to fly the confederate flag or have it on their license plate is perplexing, it is a more complex issue than just associating it with racism. The flag means different things to different people.
        Many people (far left dems/libs usually) take it way too seriously. These same folks that want prayer banished from public events, guns banned, the word “Christmas” removed from Christmas celebrations, along with promoting wide open borders are destroying the fabric of America. PC correctness is completely counter productive, and has divided people. Not brought them together. Many are becoming afraid to say anything. It’s folks like you that try to shut them up, by saying they are racist.
        This kind of thinking is diluting what made America great.

        I digress; One sick ignorant nut case having his picture take with the confed flag in the background is hardly a reason to ban the flag. It’s just silly really.
        I don’t fully understand who wants to brag about losing the war by waving the flag or using it any kind of manner makes sense, it’s not up to you or me to push our viewpoints on them. This flag is offensive to many for sure, but it’s still a free country last time I checked.
        For many southerners it more than likely has something to do with pride, and perhaps even some kind of respect for their forefathers that fought and died in that war. Complaining about a confederate flag should be very very low in things to judge and criticize… The word “offensive” is way over used.

  4. This is window dressing to send the message that MARTA is not providing the services that N Fulton is funding. Same argument as with Grady. We pay, but receive very little benefit.

    When the District was front and center, the Mayor was for MARTA. It went hand in hand in attracting the young urban professionals and new graduates to JC.

    Most of us will be long gone before the train makes it to JC, MARTA can’t make it to Windward@ 400 in the next decade. Do you think they will run a spur line through JC?

    They will only create bus routes to meet demand, so I don’t see much of an issue.

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