Can you hear me? Nope, Not at City Hall!

With regard to the audio problems in the Open House meeting on 3/8, I have a few audio/video suggestions for future Johns Creek Town Hall and Open House meetings, both in the existing and future City Hall Council Chambers room:

1. Check that microphones are working and the signals are properly routed and mixed to the audio/video recording device before the meeting starts. If not, fix obvious problems before the meeting starts.

2. For the purposes of recording, distribute a few mics around the audience area with a low gate threshold (preferably in ceiling). This will result in some ambient noise, but at least the audience members speaking will be recorded. This is much better than gated silence.

3. Mix the audience mics differently for recording versus PA. A low audience mic PA gain will minimize feedback and encourage audience members to speak up (for the recording).

4. A mixing console device with multiple bus outs or multiple send outs will help tremendously. Most modern units have these features.

5. The new Council Chambers should be outfitted for superior PA and audio/video recording. Anything less is unacceptable to the city that is “the exception to the everyday”. I know our city leaders want transparency in these meetings, especially when Tom Black speaks.

2 Responses to Can you hear me? Nope, Not at City Hall!

  1. Wally says:

    Silence of the Damned

  2. karen christanell says:

    I hope they “hear” your suggestions because it’s frustrating not to be able to hear what’s being said at the meetings.