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Letter to JCP: Regarding Atlanta Athletic Club

This is regarding the post we published, on Saturday 8/11/18

We reviewed the City Council Agenda documents released to the public that Thursday, 8/9/18.

Here is a direct link to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Agenda Report, where we sourced our information.

Below is highlighted clips.

Why would they want something copied from the ‘Comprehensive Plan Agenda Report’ retracted?
In addition, we reached out to the City Clerk & Director of Community Development, regarding if there were any errors or corrections in the report. As of 8/16/18, they were not aware of any.


What Happened Monday Night?

City Council made a few changes to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan draft version.
They added the following language on page 35.
The goals, objectives, and strategies outlined in this Vision Chapter will require the majority of Council to support and move forward functionally and financially.
City Council did not change the Atlanta Athletic Club (Heisman Field) density of AG-1 (Agriculture: 1 Unit per Acre), despite, AAC recommendation (See above document). They will need to follow the Rezoning process if they want to pursue Mixed-Use or any other land use changes for the City Council to consider.
Out of 2 choices for Housing Goal 1; Objective 1, the City Council chose to include the following strategy…
It is expected that undeveloped/underdeveloped parcels will be developed with a similar density or use as the surrounding neighborhood(s) or development(s). Remaining mindful of the diverse property uses surrounding these parcels, undeveloped/underdeveloped properties should be considered for rezoning.
Finally, City Council Voted to send the Comprehensive Plan to the Atlanta Regional Commission and the State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs for Review. It is expected back in 30 days.
Source: City of Johns Creek

Future Development Plans – TBD Monday 8/13/18

What will Johns Creek look like with the NEW Comp Plan?

After more than a year in the making, countless meetings and more reams of paper and documents than anyone can possibly sift through, City Council are scheduled to vote Monday night.

Below are some of the highlights of the drastic details included in the plan.

Traffic Lights

The bane of existence in Johns Creek – Traffic Lights has been allocated a measly $ 2.5 million dollars to improve signals. A paltry number, considering this is the #1 issue impacting every resident.

Yet a NEW loop road near Emory Johns Creek Hospital & Ebix is tagged for $6 million. Who knew this was an issue or need?

Medlock Bridge Rd & State Bridge Rd ​

Even after 12 years as a City, more studies are needed to determine improvements.

Unfortunately, coordinating the signals and increasing the green light timing is not mentioned. Simple fixes that will yield improvements and ease congestion.

2 options are listed on page 174. $8 million is allocated.

Grade Separation Example

Grade Separation with State Bridge Rd going UNDER Medlock Bridge Rd.

This project would take several years to complete, at least… It took the City 18 months to widen a half-mile of Old Alabama Rd & install sidewalks.

The bustling Regal Cinema complex is identified for redevelopment. Quite a bit of land will be needed if this project is approved.


Lots of Signage & Confusion

Michigan Thru Turns are back!

Removing ALL Left-hand turns, and having cars make right-hand turns and then U-Turns.

Or alternatively, go thru the intersection, make a U-turn, then right-hand turn.

Massive Signage will be needed to direct traffic in the opposite direction of where they want to go.

4 Underground Pedestrian Tunnels

4-Tunnels for Medlock-bridge-State-Bridge

As the busiest intersection in the City, most residents drive through it at least once a day.

How many Pedestrians do you see crossing the road?

FOUR Tunnels are in the plan. According to other municipalities, the typical price tag is $6 million for each tunnel, $24 Million total. That does not account for the yearlong disruption in shutting down entire lanes, whilst burrowing underground. Should bridges be considered? The entire region will be negatively impacted for years with long delays, and for how many walkers??

Which begs the question, where are these walkers coming from?

Atlanta Athletic Club


In the event the land across from AAC is for sale, the City will NOT buy it.  As zoned agriculture,  the 77 acres, can have 77 homes built upon it.

In recent meetings, AAC board members & Attorneys have strongly requested the land be changed to Mixed-Use and allow 8 units per acre, totaling 616 residential units.

The Landowners adjacent to Johns Creek High School, have requested similar changes.

Planning Commission voted to recommend the City Council consider the AAC’s request for mixed-use. City Council will decide the density, Monday night.


The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) suggests feasibility studies for 15 Roundabouts!
  • Old Alabama Road at the entrance to the Falls of Autry Mill – page 60
  • Old Alabama Road at the entrance to Autrey Mill Middle School – page 60
  • Old Alabama and Spruill Roads – page 60
  • Old Alabama Road at the entrance to Thornhill subdivision – page 60
  • Old Alabama and Buice Roads – page 60 & 88
  • Buice and Candacraig Roads – page 60
  • Buice and Spruill Roads – page 60
  • Findley Road at the entrance to Findley Oaks Elementary School – page 74
  • Wilson and Parsons Roads – page 88
  • Bell Road and new Bell Road Connector – page 88
  • Parsons Road at the entrance of Glenhurst – page 88
  • Brumbelow Road at the intersection of Tuckerbrook Lane – page 102
  • Nesbit Ferry Road at the intersection of Rivermont Parkway – page 102
  • Taylor Road at the entrance to Chattahoochee High School – page 116
  • East Morton at the entrance to the Atlanta Chinese Christian Church – page 116
6 Roundabouts proposed for Old Alabama rd
The last public hearing for this plan and Vote, is Monday, 8/13/18 8pm
City Hall
11445 Johns Creek Parkway
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Email your thoughts to the City Council
Source: City of Johns Creek

Route 66: Restaurant & Music Venue ~Coming Soon?~

A new restaurant is proposing to fill the former 37 Main location at 6000 Medlock Bridge Parkway.

Route 66: Restaurant & Music Venue, will serve smokehouse BBQ and provide a variety of entertainment such as; live music & comedy and offer banquets & catering.

The business owners have already met with adjacent homeowners that were impacted by the noise from the previous tenant 37 Main.  The applicant indicated they will be conducting a sound study with the neighbors in attendance. No mention of improvements for sound containment was listed in the application.

The corrugated metal roof with lightweight exterior insulation led to many sleepless nights for nearby residents, who unsuccessfully pleaded with Elected Officials for 2 years, until viable lawsuits were threatened. The City instituted a strict noise ordinance, which essentially closed the business down. Read here what went wrong & how the City could have SAVED 37 Main, but Did Not.

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday-Wednesday 11am-11pm | Thursday – Saturday 11am-2am.

City Council Zoning Hearing is scheduled for October 22nd, 2018.

Source: City of Johns Creek

Casey Cagle – The Guy Who Doesn’t ‘Get’ Government

Opinion from The Perspicacious Conservative – Jessica Szilagyi

In less than  14  7 days, Republicans across the state will know who ‘their guy’ is for Governor. The runoff election between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp is the train we’ve all seen coming down the tracks for the last 8 years. And here we are – waiting for the tracks to split to tell us what kind of Governor we’ll have for the next four to eight years.

But one of those trains, though shiny with the prospect of jobs and reversible highway lanes, would place Georgia on a collision course with the most unforgiving, borderline malicious, principle-lacking, self-interested, beholden-to-me ways of Casey Cagle. And that’s truly frightening.

When Cagle was elected for the first time, I was just 8 years old. That was 22 years ago. By every definition of the word, he is a career politician and not the kind that serves his constituents well. His eye has always been on the gubernatorial prize and all of his decisions along the way have been with that in mind. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the proverbial dots. Whether it was serving in the state senate, becoming Lieutenant Governor, campaigning for Governor until his campaign was plagued by scandal leading him to drop out, or to sit in holding until Deal’s tenure was up…Cagle has had one end goal in mind and he’s kept the throttle down while showcasing everything that is wrong with politics. Why? Because he uses elected office to appease special groups, reward donors, and advance himself.

Let’s back up that statement.

The Cagle team was recently emboldened enough to dig into the Senate voting records from 15 years ago to drum up perceived legislative screw ups by his opponent Brian Kemp -a procedural vote as a matter of fact – as if that somehow cancels out his years of blocking CBD oil legislation, restorative gun bills, and limited government initiatives on matters impacting Georgians in all corners of the state.

Why don’t we instead talk about Cagle’s history in the legislature – the years he spent demonstrating he has no comprehension of what government is in place to do. During his tenure as a state senator:

Watch This Worksession Now!

Residents:  We encourage you to watch three important segments of this Johns Creek City Council Work Session from July 9th, 2018.

The first is the Parks presentation on plans for the Pocket Parks at Morton and State Bridge Roads, as well as Bell and Boles Road.  The costs for these parks are coming in MUCH higher than it was suggested that they would, just as the City Hall project has done as well.

The second segment is the discussion on the Traffic Signal System Assessment performed by Jacobs Engineering.

The third segment is on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan


These three segments should prove to be very enlightening to residents that are concerned about how we are spending money and why we are so frustrated with the traffic lights within Johns Creek, and where Johns Creek is heading regarding future development and zoning issues.

Dean Gardens: Sold to ANOTHER Developer

Advocates for the preservation of parkland were given another crushing blow as Lennar sold Dean Gardens to “Jen Partners LLC”, with Ashton Woods designated as the builder for nearly $14.3million (in 2 transactions). A far cry from the rumored asking price of $18million pedaled from some in City Hall, as an excuse not to buy the cherished land.

With 64 plots of approximately .26 -.32 acre, each carries a land value of about $224k. 10 lots have been sold as of June 30th, 2018.

Ashton Woods is marketing the 4 bedrooms, 2 bath homes for $649k. Five bedrooms 4 baths, is listed for $814k.

Due to much of the land unbuildable and close to the river, the subdivision will NOT have any amenities such as pool, tennis or playground.

The subdivision is assigned to Autry Mill Middle School and JCHS, both over capacity.

Tyler Perry (aka Barone Trust) sold the land to Lennar in June 2014 for $9,225,000 in a strange and sad rezoning.

Ashton Woods has been on a clear-cutting and development binge in Johns Creek. They developed Adair Manor off Rogers Bridge Rd, which consists of 64 homes. 14 lots remain unsold.

Ashton Woods is currently pitching a MASSIVE development in Shakerag. 377 homes, on 200 acres. That zoning case has been deferred till September.

A Development Authority for Johns Creek? Just Say No

Amazon is presently inviting US cities to outbid each other in a contest to host its “second headquarters”, waving the promise of 50,000 jobs and $5bn of investment in front of the winning applicant. Maryland offered $5bn of tax incentives – dollar for dollar the same as the pledged investment – for the company to opt for Montgomery County, while California offered between $300m and $1bn of breaks. New Jersey even promised $7bn of tax incentives – $2bn more than Amazon’s maximum investment. Whichever city wins, it seems likely that tax will influence its decision-making: the firm’s published criteria for bidders cites “a stable and business-friendly environment and tax structure” as a high priority.

The paragraph above shows you the end result of governments pursuing growth at any price. Cities attempt to outbid each other in an effort to secure a business that they want located in their city limits.

We’ve seen taxpayers on the hook for financing professional sports stadiums for the very same reasons: the promises of the positive economic impact.

Presently, the City  Johns Creek is discussing whether they should create a Development Authority.  It’s purpose would be to offer property tax abatements, financing and other incentives to locate here in Johns Creek.

Before we go further let me ask you this question,   “What was your incentive to locate to Johns Creek?”  Did you need property tax abatements, better financing options, or other offers to help you make the decision to locate here?

In past conversations regarding the Central Business District, I have consistently taken the stand that the private sector is the is best suited for determining what will be built on commercial properties. This would also include the scale for such buildings.

The decisions for the development of commercial properties should be left to the private sector.  Based upon their analysis on what their profitability will be given the market, their location, and the cost of their funds, they must decide whether or not they take the risk and start or relocate a business.

The proposed Development Authority, however, changes that equation.

A Development Authority can lead to a lower cost of funds for a business.  And while it’s hard for me to believe that any viable business could not get the funds they needed to open or relocate over the last 5-10 years with interest rates at artificially low levels, there are some on our City Council that want to work to get those businesses even lower rates.  Don’t you wish they were doing the same to get you lower rates on your home mortgage?

A Development Authority would offer tax abatements on said properties for ten years.  This abatement applies to local, county, and school taxes.  The first year the property taxes will be 50% of the appraised value.  The 2nd year it will be 55%.  This will continue through year ten.

We are told that this is never a loss in revenue because the new value of the property will generate more property tax revenue at 50% of the new value than it did at the old undeveloped value.

They cite this reason for treating new businesses with a cut in taxes, whereas currently established, loyal businesses would have more competition and not benefit from the tax break.

And here is what they are NOT telling you.  Our property tax valuations in Johns Creek, specifically commercial properties are so out of whack that they make no rational sense.   There’s a well discussed campus in Tech Park which is used as an example of how valuable it is to use a Development Authority to retain them. And maybe that has some merit.  But can someone explain why there are some acres on that campus that have the land valued at  $720,000 per acre and the adjoining parcel, which is used for parking, is valued at $60,000 per acre?

Some of our elected officials claim that we need the Development Authority to take some of the pressure of residential property taxes.   Perhaps we should start with having the commercial properties in Johns Creek fairly assessed.

Then, let’s make sure whatever tax decisions made are applied to all property owners and not just a select few.

Leave the development business to the private sector.

The City should provide a level playing field for everyone.  Anything less is wrong.


8th Billboard in the Works: Another for Medlock Bridge Rd

As expected, Action Outdoor Advertising submitted their 8th Billboard application AFTER the election.

It will take approximately 6 weeks for GDOT to issue their permit. Construction could happen early in January 2018.

The Giant 48 feet wide, double-sided LED sign will be close to the road, 10 feet from the Right of Way, even though in the original 2007 application, 40 feet was applied for.

The location is 10960 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johnson Automotive Group.

Below are screengrabs from Freedom of Information Act Requests

Here is the applicant and property owner:

On the bottom of the form for Approved uses for this zoning type: the billboard company handwrote:

“Permitted Pursuant to the terms of a legally binding settlement agreement between City of Johns Creek & Applicant”

Why? The property prohibited billboards when it was zoned.

Here is a screengrab from the zoning stipulations.

It is understood that the Fulton County Sign Ordinance was ruled unconstitutional.  However, these restrictions were in the zoning for the property. Certainly, there were legal and customary definitions of what a billboard is that could have been defended in court.  Where would the City find the legal definition for a service station or commercial amusements?

Courtesy of the settlement Mayor Bodker and Cori Davenport negotiated, this will be the 3rd billboard on land prohibiting such structures within the zoning.

Again, we need to ask, if the billboard companies had a legal right to erect billboards on land that prohibited billboards, why was a settlement necessary?

If the billboard companies had a legal right to erect 31 LED billboards, why did they settle for 10?

Sources: Google maps & City of Johns Creek

Petition to Ban Clear-Cutting: Aggressive Tree Removal in Johns Creek

Carole Madan, aka ‘Momma Nature’ has started a Petition to Ban Clear-cutting of trees in Johns Creek. She wrote an open letter to City Council last month and has not received any action. Momma Nature is calling on residents to help her.

We have seen devastation with a large amount of land clear-cut on Bell rd for the new subdivisions Bellmoore (~650 homes) & Brookmere (194 homes), Adair Manor as well as Dean Gardens, trees removed as a result of the billboard settlement, etc.

Although the City has a tree preservation ordinance, requirements are not as stringent as other municipalities, and variances & exceptions are often given within rezonings allowing the developers to squeeze in more houses. Below is an example.

New homes in Bellmoore average a lot size of .13.

In nearby Sugar Mill lots average .40, with trees and landscaping between the houses. Tree preservation benefits the community in many ways, from reduced environmental impact to lower density, fewer cars, and school enrollment.

Read & Sign the petition here…

Ask The Candidates: John Bradberry and Vicki Horton on Today’s (11/13/17) Work Sessions and Council Agenda

On November 9th, 2017, we asked the candidates to look at the agenda’s for the Work Sessions and Council Meeting scheduled for November 13, 2017.

Below is the runoff questionnaire: doing something a bit different. DUE MONDAY, Nov 13, 3pm
Look at the agendas that will be released later today and provide your thoughts on three of the most important issues on the agenda for the work session and 3 on the city council and discuss why they are important and what would you ask during the meetings and what you want to see accomplished.

Below is the response we received from Post 3 Candidate John Bradberry.  We did not receive a response from Post 3 Candidate Vicki Horton.

Thoughts from John Bradberry:


The Council Quarterly Workshop is troubling.  The process is being driven by a regional effort, not a Johns Creek resident focus..  Once again, the T-SPLOST efforts that we were told were a POTENTIAL list of projects that would be brought forward for discussion before being approved are in fact being treated as done deals.  The projects in the agenda attachment are identified as COMMITTED.  This includes the widening of 141 from the river to McGinnis Ferry, Jones Bridge Road widening, Old Alabama Road widening, State Bridge Road widening (BOTH sides of 141), and SR120 widening (a GDOT project).  That’s approximately $64MM in road widening versus $3.4MM to improve the Intelligent Traffic System and Medlock Bridge Transit Related Signal improvements.  Are we really saying we’ll spend 20x to widen our roads without exploring signal improvements or other commonsense options first?

 We can’t pave our way to excellence.  We have to pursue credible alternatives that preserve the quality of life and residential character of Johns Creek. 

Comprehensive Land Use Plan – Draft

We are more than six weeks from seeing what the next version of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan will look like.  We have been told that overall densities will be lowered.  However, I feel it is still premature to comment on the CLUP until we see the updated draft.

One of the issues included in the first draft is the creation of work force housing in Johns Creek.  Is this still part of the plan?  This is worrisome.

The City of Johns Creek is defined by it’s political boundaries. Those boundaries do not equate to an absence of work force housing available at a reasonable distance from the job. To insist that we are somehow responsible to provide workforce housing as a community is beyond the responsibilities within our City Charter.

Strategic Plan Update

Now that it has been a year and half since we passed the Strategic Plan, are there items that should be adjusted to ensure that they are in alignment with the overarching goal of preserving Johns Creek as a premier bedroom community?  Since it is our premier bedroom community that has been the source of so much good for our quality of life, we must ensure that everything we do enhances that and does not weaken it.  

 An elected official’s first and foremost responsibility should be to represent the citizens that live and pay taxes here. Supporting residents and businesses with efficient city services and fair city fees should also be an important element in advancing the city’s goals.

It is clear that Johns Creek’s biggest draw for families is our residential character and the great schools.  Families have sacrificed and worked hard to be in this community so their children can get a great education and quality of life.  People do not want high density development and specifically want to limit or eliminate future apartments. I agree.  If a new city center is advanced by the mayor and council  – I will do everything I can with the land development (comprehensive) plan and other measures to protect our residents.  Our community needs protection from additional traffic and high density apartments that could adversely impact home values and put pressure on schools and possibly force rezoning by Fulton County due to so many additional students.

Traffic and high density is what we don’t want. I will work to protect Johns creeks residents from the concerning trends we are seeing.

Work Session Agenda
1.  TSPLOST State Bridge Road Engineering Task Order

Widening State Bridge Road does not keep the lights green longer on State Bridge, so this is a partial solution at the very best.  We already know that the normal suggestion for congestion issues is to widen the roads.  But are there more intelligent solutions?  Is some of the congestion due to green lights that are too short in duration, for instance?

It’s important that we understand the causes and the nature of the delays as well as the magnitude of the delays during the morning, noon, and evening rush hours.  I want to see  a simulation of the stretch of road, including the changes in the light timing that will provide the improvement in traffic flow.  A third lane should increase the flow of traffic by 45-50% so clearly we are missing some element of performance improvement.

We need to see the design plans for each intersection along the route.  Will they be optimized to reduce the amount of time traffic will be stopped on State Bridge Road to accommodate the traffic from the side streets and shopping areas?  Will we be providing two left turn lanes(or three) at every intersection so that more vehicles can turn in a shorter amount of time?  Will we be creating three left turn lanes as we assisted Gwinnett County with at McGinnis Ferry Road and Peachtree Industrial Blvd?  Are we planning to improve the performance of all the intersections so that you should never have to wait for more than one traffic light cycle during your trip?  

Currently the intersection at the Publix/Target intersection on State Bridge Road has a shared straight and left turn lane.  The intersection would handle many more vehicles in less time if each side had two left turn lanes and two through turn lanes and dedicated right turn lanes, with an intelligent traffic controller that was properly programmed.

Also, could we gather traffic leaving shopping areas at a central location, to be controlled more effectively by a wider and more efficient intersection, and reduce the number of traffic lights needed?  

Do we have the right expertise to perform the kind of performance analysis we need?  If not, then we need to make sure we get the expertise we need hired.

We should not just be rebuilding State Bridge Road to handle the current volume.  We should be rebuilding it to handle traffic in the most efficient and productive way for decades to come.

2.  Regarding the overall TSPLOST projects and the State Bridge Road project specifically, what if any changes is Public Works looking to make to the awarded contracts?  Are you including any new language that holds the contractor more accountable for the time schedule and performance?  Residents of Johns Creek have experienced firsthand the effects of slow progress by road contractors.  This slow progress makes our already congested roads a greater headache for longer than necessary.  This is an additional price paid by our residents and contractors should be held accountable.  Since the time of our residents is valuable and is so important to their quality of life, what performance penalties or rewards can we put in place to guarantee the execution of projects after they have been awarded? I want to make sure that we are getting a good value for the taxpayers’ money AND time.

Final Thoughts

I am concerned not just about what is on the agenda, but what is NOT.  As a council member, I would take my role as a watchdog very seriously because what we do as a city government has a direct impact on the lives of our residents.  And nothing makes a bigger impact on them than traffic. My understanding from the Public Works presentation to Council at the work session on Oct. 16 was that the Staff was going to come back to the Oct. 30 work session with a specific problem statement for our traffic and recommendations (including alternatives) to address that problem statement. Now it is Nov. 13 and we still do not have that deliverable. What is the status of this?  We have got to make traffic relief our top priority. I will continue to hold us accountable to the residents until we make real progress on traffic. 

Breaking News: 2017 Election Results: All Incumbents Re-Elected; Post 3 Runoff Likely

election results

Post 1

Lenny Zaprowski bested Issure Yang by 507 Votes, with 54.09% (3,351)

This was a significant decrease from his 2013 election 67.76% (4240)

Issure Yang tallied an impressive 45.91 (2,844)

As concerned businesswoman/mother, with no name recognition or political experience, she is noted for changing the dialogue regarding the Comp plan draft and highlighting the inclusion of multiple mixed-used developments. Her opponent Lenny Zaprowski changed his rhetoric and came out in agreement regarding the over-development.


Post 3

Is heading into a runoff. John Bradberry missed the mark by approximately 125 votes.

JOHN BRADBERRY 48.19% (2,975)
VICKI HORTON 42.05% (2,596)
MARK VENCO 9.77% (603)

Runoff date is December 5th


Post 5

Stephanie Endres Landslides into her re-election.

STEPHANIE ENDRES (I) 71.44% (4,402)

CHRIS JACKSON 28.56% (1,760)


Mayor Race

Bodker won unopposed


Fulton County Chairman

Despite his numerous commercials and mailer, Gabriel Sterling didn’t make the runoff.

ROBB PITTS (D) 38.14% (49,095)

GABRIEL STERLING (R) 27.98% (36,022)

KEISHA S. WAITES (D) 33.88% (43,615)

Runoff date is December 5th


All numbers are unofficial until certified by Fulton County BOE.


Johns Creek Herald Interviews JCP

Hatcher Hurd, editor of the Johns Creek Herald sent the following questions. Below are our responses:

ONE: What do you see as the role of the Johns Creek Post in the community?

Johns Creek does not have a dedicated source of news to inform the residents of the important information. Over the years we have noticed that the JC Herald omits or does not fairly represent local issues and events that we have seen occur at City Council Meetings. We feel it is important to provide another perspective for the residents.

TWO: Do you see Johns Creek Post as an alternative source to the community to tell what the city council is doing?

We are considered the SOLE SOURCE for information regarding the city. JCP is the only site that posts videos, contracts, zoning cases etc. Most other news outlets repeat the press releases of the city verbatim.
The City of Johns Creek has a 4 full-time staff dedicated to informing the residents of what they want and how they want the residents to perceive things.

As long-term invested homeowners, it is our duty and privilege to inform residents of potential issues and ongoings that would impact our quality of life and home values.
We provide a different perspective especially on important issues that affect how the City will look and feel in the future

THREE: You post anonymous messages that are critical of the city or that have what appear to be obviously phony names (Michaela Badker, for example). Do you know the real identities of the people who make these posts? What journalistic standards do you use in printing these posts?

We do not post anonymous messages. We allow anonymous comments as do most websites on the net. I don’t recall a commenter on the JCP website with that name.

The CIty of Johns Creek allows Michaela Badker (whoever that is) to comment on the City’s facebook page. You should direct that question at the City Staff.

FOUR: People have complained that when the post rebuttals to claims made in other posts, you take them down right away. Why do this? Wouldn’t it be better have those responses on the record?

First, you are assuming the JCP take down people’s rebuttals. We do not.
We would also like to point out that the Johns Creek Herald is under no obligation to post Letters to the Editor. It is safe to say that both the Johns Creek Post and Johns Creek Herald do not post libelous and defamatory content

FIVE: Some have said they don’t respond to posts on your site because they are afraid of “retaliation” in the form of cyberbullying or cyber harassment. What is your response to those allegations?

That is why we allow anonymous comments. It is the Residents who are afraid of retaliation from the City for speaking out about issues.

Ironically, those that have been complaining the most in the public arena have used aliases to post attacks not only against the JCP but other Council Members as well on the Johns Creek Post. We find the hypocrisy rather disturbing and unprofessional, especially from an elected official.

Jennifer Jensen is a strong advocate for a responsible, citizen centric government. As an environmentalist, and proponent for improving the quality of life in Johns Creek, she frequently speaks out against over-development, visual pollution, and compounding traffic.

She is best known for stopping critical issues within the City such as: the 400 foot Super Tower, toxic roadkill dumpster, Michigan Thru-turns and 6 Lane widening of Medlock Bridge rd.