City Purchases Land Under Power Lines for Park

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Land Under Power Lines for Park! –

The City made its first land purchase for park space this summer. Spending $640,000 for 4 acres on Morton Rd. Part of the land was owned by GA Power.

High Powered Transmission Lines traverse through the area. As Johns Creek grows, so does its power consumption and more lines could be added in the future.

The City had the option to lease the land for $1/year for 50 years but opted to own it outright, even though it was highly unlikely to ever be developed.

A roundabout is being constructed on Bell & Boles Rd. A small pocket park is to be adjacent to the intersection.

It is unknown when both pocket parks will be ready for use.

What do you think about Land Under Power Lines for Park?

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16 thoughts on “City Purchases Land Under Power Lines for Park”

  1. $640,000 instead of $1/year lease for land that can’t really be used for anything due to safety concerns?! Sounds like a crazy waste of money.

  2. Let me see if I got this right. $840k for a 4 acre pocket park, and $1mil for playground? Must be some playground!
    And how much again would it have cost the city to have purchased Dean Gardens property rather than voting to rezone and turn it into another subdivision? The Dean property would have been a park to be proud of and enjoyed by many. This property is located along the river. It had expansive established lawns and gardens, beautiful statues and stone work- All already in place. It was a property large enough to accommodate many. The possibilities were endless…

    It would not have been a weak and dismal little pocket park.

    Instead our elected officials move forward with stupid little pocket parks. It seems Bodker and council just want their names somewhere in the same sentence as parks. It does not have to make sense/cents, or even be a good idea. They want to appear as though they care about preserving green space and improving the quality of life for JC residents. What a waste.

  3. It was $640k. The $1million price tag is for the plan and development of the pocket park. The City should omit lighting from the plan and just supply florescent tubes. The electro magnetic fields will light tubes by sheer presence, without any wires.

  4. I think our city council has gone crazy in light of all the ridiculous things they want to approve ! There’s only one way we can stop this and that’s to vote them out !! Enough is enough !!

  5. City Council could have saved taxpayers the expense of pocket parks and used the money to construct 3-4 additional roundabouts on Sargent Road.

      1. Are you kidding me? $1 million spent for a park within walking distance of another proposed park?

        Must be too far for some folks to walk to get some exercise.

  6. I like the idea of 3-4 additional roundabouts on Sargent Road but lets take this to the next level. Bodker could also build a roundabout ON an existing roundabout on Sargent Road!!!! Kevin the lottery goat is more accurate shooting a basketball better than the city has been spending OUR money.

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