Concerns Mount over the Billboard Settlement

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Concerns Mount over the Billboard Settlement.

Freedom of information act requests shed some light on what the Billboard Companies originally applied for. Not a single billboard was LED.

Did you know the maximum height for ALL Billboards was 60 feet?

Why did Mayor Bodker & Councilwoman Cori Davenport negotiate the settlement? With Billboards to have staggering heights of up to 95 feet?

Why did Mayor Bodker choose to negotiate with Councilwoman Cori Davenport, knowing she is CLOSE Personal friends with the Billboard Executive?

Also, Councilwoman Cori Davenport was in the Billboard Executive’s wedding party. In addition, both have Vacation homes Next door to each other on Lake Lanier.

Watch the video to see the original documents and more questions raised about the billboard settlement that has permanently changed the skyline of our City.

In conclusion, who is really representing who?

Source: City of Johns Creek

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8 thoughts on “Concerns Mount over the Billboard Settlement”

  1. Can't Wait For Election Day 2017


    Disgusted with the lousy Billboard Settlement? Please share your feelings during Public Comments.

    45 Minutes of your time or a lifetime of TV’s in the Sky?

  2. Tired of the Bodker Bull

    Excellent Video! A Must Watch!

    Succinctly dispels the Bodker Billboard Myths we have all been fed. Thank You for posting and sharing.

  3. Unhappy Johns Creek Resident

    Looking at the last election results for Mayor of Johns Creek, I wonder if there are 506 voters who supported Bodker in 2013 that have changed their minds.

    Make that 505. I’ve changed mine.

    Who out there is going to run that wants my vote?

    Six hundred votes can change the direction of this City. Start talking to your neighbors now. Because it WILL MATTER.

  4. Look at what “Johns Creek” has turned our quiet, peaceful, corner of Alpharetta, into. Before the vote, I forewarned, whomever would listen, about the opportunistic parasites that wanted this “Johns Creek” for their own interests $$$.

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