Dean Gardens: FOR SALE!

As we EXCLUSIVELY reported in February, Dean Gardens Subdivision: Construction STOPPED

We now have an update that Lennar wants to SELL Dean Gardens.

JCP breaks down 3 possible scenarios…

1 A Developer buys the land for large custom estates. This would be a bit pricey, compared to other developments in Johns Creek and less feasible. Multiple lots would have to be combined to allure buyers.

2 Another developer buys it on the contingent of rezoning for higher density. This could be a likely option with the current leadership. As the Mayor stated in the rezoning of Dean Gardens, he wanted the project to be “Financially Viable” to Lennar with the rezoning of  70 houses. Would he be concerned about the financial viability for other developers?

3 The city of Johns Creek buys the land. The most favorable option for the residents, the question is for what price? Lennar will want to recoup their expenses and make a profit. The City will have to invest millions in landscaping and hardscaping to restore what was destroyed by Lennar.

As the City passed up Dean Gardens when Mr. Dean and Tyler Perry both sold it, will 3rd time be a charm?

6 Responses to Dean Gardens: FOR SALE!

  1. Thanks for reporting this news, JCP! I posted this on Facebook last week that option 3 is the best case scenario –

  2. Zane Edge says:

    Surely scenario 2 won’t be the outcome here. If so, the Johns Creek City Council will see something quite similar to RZ-14-005, but on steroids.

    • Editor says:

      If the powers-at-be are concerned about developers financially viability, then this is a possibility.

  3. EJ Moosa says:

    Who has made the City responsible for the financial viability of ANY project? It sounds good, but that is NOT their job. Nor should they alter ANY zoning to make any property more financially viable.

    Doing so might make a project happen in the short term. But who is to say that project was the best possible use of that property in the long term?

    Let’s let the markets figure out what the best uses for the properties are as they are zoned without the City giving higher values to the properties by rezoning for higher densities.

  4. Nancy LeLoup says:

    We need some upscale senior housing, preferably ranches, certainly 1st floor masters. There are many people in the area looking to down size in such a sub-division.

    • EJ Moosa says:

      Nancy, I have a question or two. Are the seniors desiring to downsize for financial reasons, such as property taxes, or is it more specifically to get to flat floor plans?

      Many counties around us offer property tax reductions for those over 65. Fulton County does not. If there were property tax reductions for seniors in Fulton County, would that make their current homes more attractive to stay in?