Election 2019 Runoff Results: Johns Creek City Council

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City Council Election 2019 Runoff Results are in. Johns Creek voters re-elected Chris Coughlin for Post 4.

The residents will have 2 new representatives, both new to local politics. The democratic party got the vote out, in full force for Post 2: Brian Weaver & Post 6: Erin Elwood.

Election 2019 Runoff Results

Post 2: Election Results

Dilip Tunki 2162

Brian Weaver 2887


Post 4: Election Results

Marybeth Cooper 1732

Chris Coughlin 3160


Post 6: Election Results

Erin Elwood 2720

Issure Yang 2219


Lastly, the new council will be sworn in, in the new year, at the January 13th, 2020 council meeting.

Congrats and Thanks to all for wanting to serve Johns Creek.

Source: Fulton County Elections

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3 thoughts on “Election 2019 Runoff Results: Johns Creek City Council”

  1. Congratulations to all for your time, effort and willingness to serve to make our City great. You are appreciated.

  2. With only 6% of the Johns Creek population voting, the citizens of Johns Creek now have exactly what they deserve – two replacement puppets to vote alongside Bodker, just like before and just like Bodker so desperately wanted. The two new puppets displayed a tremendous lack of knowledge about our city in the debates, also just like Bodker wanted. This is what happens when special interest groups mobilize to take advantage of the uninformed, disengaged, apathetic masses who don’t vote.

    So now that the election is over, when will charges be pressed against Bodker and Kidd?

    1. Let’s hope the judicial process is done properly In John Creek not like in Washington with pupits running the process.

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