GA6 Election Breakdown for Johns Creek


– 18,842 valid ballots in the Congressional election.

– 15,686 valid ballots in the City Council election

– 83.25% of Congressional voters voted in the city election.

– 16.75% drop off in voters (Did NOT vote in City Council election)

– No provisional ballots and only 10 mail-in ballots

– 2/3 of voters voted on election day

– 1/3 of voters voted early

– Highest voter turnout at Spruill Library 45.27%, followed closely by Autrey Mill (CCOS) 42%

– Lowest voter turnout at Ocee Elementary School – 20.51%

– Republican Candidates Total Vote 51.15%


9 Responses to GA6 Election Breakdown for Johns Creek

  1. Dennis and Suzi Krizan says:

    A whole lot of Johns Creek voters, (in the southern tip of Johns Creek) voted at the East Roswell library.Too bad they couldn’t break those numbers down.

  2. EL says:

    Yes, Johns Creek is tired of crooked politicians using our community as their personal wallet. The creation of Johns Creek was not meant to give a few individuals the right to get rich, tax, fine and regulate us to death while destroying the beautiful, quiet community we had. Take note: your reign of self serving greed is coming to an end.

  3. pollworker says:

    Interesting that NO provisional ballots were included. I worked a polling place and we had 20+ provisional ballots cast.

    • Editor says:

      They must have been dismissed by Fulton County Elections when they reviewed them, as no provisional ballots were included in the certified results.

  4. Arlene says:

    Please recheck your precinct poll locations. My precinct JC04A is Messiah Lutheran Church, not Shark Fin.

    • Editor says:

      Messiah Lutheran is the location for several precincts.

      We used Shark Fin to describe the area of Johns Creek.

      • Arlene says:

        Perhaps “Area of Johns Creek”, rather than “Poll,” would lead to less confusion. As a past poll observer, I think this would help to avoid confusion. I don’t think people in our precinct refer to their poll loation as Shake Fin. Yes, JC04B is also Messiah Lutheran Church.

        • Arlene says:

          If referring to JC10 as “poll” Messiah Lutheran, then that should be the case for all Messiah Lutheran precincts.