Heavy Rains in Johns Creek Leave the City Drenched

November 13, 2018
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Heavy rains in Johns Creek  Monday into Tuesday dumped more than three inches of rain in the City

Nearly 24 hours of heavy rain blanketed North Metro Atlanta

Heavy Rains Saturated North Georgia with Johns Creek nearing the top of the daily totals.

Typically one of the driest months of the year, November 2018 is turning out to be one of the wettest for the City over the last 11 years as a result of the Heavy Rains in Johns Creek. 

Nearly 12 hours of heavy rain left Buice Road flooded and closed as Johns Creek flooded the roadway.  Johns Creek Police tweeted on Monday afternoon to notify residents that Buice Road had been closed.

A flood warning is currently in effect until Friday morning.  You can get updates from the National Weather Service here:

Johns Creek National Weather Forecast

We have previously posted about the serious stormwater issues within Johns Creek here. 

Rain caused minor flooding in many areas of the city.  If you have pictures of the impact of localized flooding, please forward them to [email protected]




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