Jay Lin – Did it Again! No Show at Another Important Meeting

City Council held their Parks and Rec Strategic Plan Meeting Thursday at 6pm.

A wealth of information was discussed. Here is a link to the 173 page document

Again, this is very disappointing Jay Lin did not attend this important meeting, and with no excuse provided to those that were in attendance.

All the other Council Members made time in their busy schedules to attend and participate. This meeting was scheduled more than a month ago.

Jay Lin also missed an Executive Session, that followed the Park Plan Meeting.

15 Responses to Jay Lin – Did it Again! No Show at Another Important Meeting

  1. Mars says:

    Who gets paid for NOT going to work.. Nobody I know.

  2. Na says:

    Wow! I’m pretty shocked that he would be this lackadaisical. I thought he would make an excellent council member. I feel like he owes me an apology. Wish I had voted for Chris Coughlin instead.

  3. Curious says:

    I don’t know really how or where I am supposed to make my comment. Does anybody know if the John’s Creek Association is going to put out anything on the Michigan Left proposal. A friend of mine went to their big meeting earlier this week and said it was a big to-do but nothing substantial was said.

  4. Carlos J Carbonell says:

    Perhaps a good thing to add to the charter would be some sort of mechanism to control this, you miss x amount of meetings and don’t fulfill your duties accordingly, you’re out!
    Shame on Jay Lin and shame on Mr. Yale (yeah, the one who asked the question about Mr. Coughlin’s availability) seems his candidate’s availability is not as good as he thought!

  5. Editor says:

    The City website has a link you can leave comments regarding the ThrU turn, or alternatively email the council at


  6. Anonymous says:

    oh no say it aint so. jay lin has got to go
    unprofessional irresponsible his behavior is detestable

  7. ICY says:

    I am tired of people voting based on race. personally, I knew he would not be a good fit. i knew Nazeera would not be a good fit. Even though she was touted as being a conservative and Republican you can trust.

    If you looked at his donations and where most of his donors were from — it was all about the Asian population and outside interests trying to get a counterpart into the council. Great — but he has done a disservice to the Asian population as it shows he is just there for the title and certainly not there for the city or the people of Johns Creek. I am embarrassed. i am also appalled that many of his supporters did not bother to vote for anyone else but Jay because of his namesake.

    I did not vote for either even though I am of their heritage. Dawood was just an embarrassment (clearly not what or who she said she was — and clearly, incapable of answering any real questions). Lin was only saying things he thought we wanted to hear. I am constantly appalled by both parties trying to get the “minority” vote but finding another minority without proven track records, voting records but the empty rhetoric that is common now. Jay tried to talk a good game but dig deeper and Dawood had the support of the mayor, who has proven to me that he only supports candidates that he can control or will vote with him consistently. I assure you if you actually attended or watched the videos posted — you would have seen that Coughlin and Endres came prepared and had clear understanding of what the future of Johns Creek should look like going forward.

    Shame on you, Mr. Lin — don’t run for office and don’t cast stones if you can’t or won’t follow through yourself.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We would have been better off with Kevin the lottery goat.

  9. CKP says:

    It is impossible to find honest and quality people in politics.

  10. JCR says:

    I found Chris Coughlin to be of the finest quality. And if you have not seen Stephanie Endres representing you and your interests in both work sessions and council meetings, you are not paying attention.

  11. Richard says:

    Stephanie Endres has certainly raised the caliber of the council. What a waste of a seat that Jay Lin is holding.

  12. JCR says:


    Watching the work session live now. Note who is prepared and who is not, who is participating and who is not.

  13. sick of the mayor says:

    Anyone the major backs will be nothing more than a yes man to Bodker. That’s it!!! Bodkey relies on folks he can intimidate.
    Jay Lin will more than likely show up when/if one of his backers needs something passed.

  14. Editor says:

    We pulled his emails, and his excuse to the Mayor and Council was that the meeting was not on his calendar. We wonder if he read his emails that week, as he would have seen the email stating the agenda for the meeting was ready.

    The City Clerk, Joan Jones, during both 1/11 & 1/25 meetings announced the Park Plan meeting, wonder if he heard then?

    Jay also must not have spent the week prepping for the meeting, as the 173 page document was on the top of everyone else’s priorities.

  15. Mars says:

    I received this, supposedly written by J. Linn. Mr.J. is this true?

    My wife and I celebrated our 28th anniversary on January 2. I was not able to attend the work session meeting on January 6th due to the planned out of town trip that we both were looking forward to after the election.
    The Jan 28th work session meeting was scheduled back in December before I took office. And at the time I was not set up to receive email notifications from the city. I did receive over a hundred emails to my personal email address which included the email notification for 1/28 work session notice, but some emails went to spam box. Therefore the meeting was not put on my calendar. I take full responsibility of the oversight, and this is the meeting that I didn’t want to miss.
    In the next four years as I serve our city, I am positive that I will have one of the highest attendance record in the next four years.