John Bradberry TRIUMPH VICTORY for Post 3 Council Seat

There was 4 vying for the seat from the start, and John Bradberry won the runoff with almost 600 more votes than his opponent.

According to Fulton County Elections:

John Bradberry got 2151 votes = 57.76%

Vicki Horton got 1573 votes = 42.24%

January 8th meeting will be the swearing in ceremony.

2 thoughts on “John Bradberry TRIUMPH VICTORY for Post 3 Council Seat”

  1. Pathetic turnout for an election that affects people more directly than any other (including president).
    Also, I know JCP is excited, but perhaps have a copy editor review posts prior to publishing. (Feeling a bit salty today – for other reasons.)

  2. The people spoke and that is good. We need everyone to keep voting in every election from now on. Make your voice heard every time.