Johns Creek Historical Society Meeting – Sept 5th 7pm

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From Johns Creek Historical Society Website

“Two Families, One Farmhouse, Six Generations”
Presented by Hannelore Quigley and Beverley Canaday
Wednesday, September 5th

7:00 pm at the historic Warsaw Church
Autrey Mill Nature Preserve & Heritage Center

Mark your calendars for a fascinating program. This multi-media presentation uses original photos and artifacts to portray life in Maryland in 1889. After the Civil War, some freedmen remained where they were, making the choice to live and work on the farm where they had been enslaved. This presentation tells how three generations of formerly enslaved workers raised their families on the same farm, and how a 127-year-old “family photograph” reconnected descendants to their past, uncovered shared history, and established new relationships.

Although this story takes place in Maryland, it is relevant to our local area – adding understanding of similar stories of freed slaves continuing to work on the land where they were enslaved.

Presented by the descendants of the former enslaver and enslaved, Hannelore Quigley and Beverley Canaday.

This program is free and open to the public.

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