The CVB's Johns Creek Tunnel: Johns Creek's Tourist Destination

April 12, 2019

Johns Creek Tunnel : Video Tour's Johns Creek Tunnel. Have you been looking to walk through a technicolor pedestrian tunnel? Then look no more.Listed as one of Johns Creek's Cultural attractions, and mentioned as something that promotes tourism (and puts heads in beds). We'll let you decide if this is an attraction people will be willing to travel to just to see in Johns Creek. However, taxpayer dollars on items such as this, kiosks in hotel lobbies when Yelp and Google can do the same thing from your phone. Now the amazing demand for Gateway Markers which are also supposed to boost tourism in Johns Creek seem to be missing the mark.  It's as if we have the money and we have to spend it. Is this really the best we can do? If so, we'd encourage you to eliminate the hotel/motel tax entirely. Can we get someone to at least clean up this cultural attraction of the butts and dirt on the mural walls? What about a sign or two explaining exactly what this is to represent? If you are going to promote it as a "cultural attraction,", shouldn't it be treated as such?  

The CVB paid Chip Wade $2500 to add day and night scans of the CVB's Johns Creek Tunnel mural onto the CVB Website.  

Finally, back in February, we did an informal Facebook poll:  

"Have you ever walked the Johns Creek Tunnel? 

26% Yes

76% No

Johns Creek Tunnel Poll-

By: EJ Moosa


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8 comments on “The CVB's Johns Creek Tunnel: Johns Creek's Tourist Destination”

  1. Where is it? I really don’t care.
    Would I go see it? No.
    Did JC pay for it? I hope not.
    Is that the best JC can do? Probably.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us on this major tourist stop. LOL
    Without any sunshine to dry it out, it looks like it might be a great place for the art of mildew to grow. And the cigarette butts are a nice addition as well.
    I cannot fathom how this could be a "tourist attraction" by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. I walked through it the last night I lived in COJC. It was a very convenient way to get to the other side of the street where my hotel was after eating at Chili's.

    I didn't then, nor do I now consider the weird paint on the wall, art. It certainly isn't a "cultural attraction."

    The fact that the JCCVB spent money (probably 10 times more than just plain paint) to an 'artist' to do that when they could have had kids from area schools do it for free, then preserve their artwork with clear coat, is just illustrative on the mismanagement of funds by the 'pillars of power' in COJC.

  4. This "tourism" promoter's contract needs to be terminated immediately or sooner. His year-to-date performance is way below average. Bodker's "jobs program" for family and friends needs to be stopped and thanks again JCP for shining a light on another scheme hatched by our government....

  5. More urban art! Colorful, but unmemorable. What I did see last week which I really liked was the attractive and extensive bush landscaping being installed at the entrance to the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve on Old Alabama Road.

  6. Wow, did not know this existed! I think it was a nice idea but I have to agree it falls short of being a "tourist attraction" and doesn't say anything about Johns Creek. I would have loved a tunnel to allow JCHS students to get across State Bridge....was that ever a discussion? Thank you for sharing this video; it's a shame how quickly it seemed to be misused by uncaring passerbys with cigarettes.

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