Mark Burkhalter Highway: 141/Medlock Bridge Rd Dedicated

May 7, 2016
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Medlock Bridge Rd/141 is being dedicated to Mark Burkhalter. The former State Rep who shepherded the creation of Johns Creek will have Medlock Bridge Rd from the Chattahoochee River to Abbotts Bridge Rd honored after him. The resolution was written by Brandon Beach.

This was proposed some years ago, by several State Reps, none from Johns Creek. Then the resolution called for the entire stretch of Medlock Bridge, from the River to McGinnis Ferry Rd to be dedicated. It is peculiar why Brandon Beach did not include the 'District' area of 141 in the current resolution.

Mark Burkhalter grew up in Alpharetta and attended Warsaw Elementary School, and later purchased it along with the surrounding buildings. He owns several properties along Medlock Bridge Rd, and is currently on the Georgia State Transportation Board (GDOT). His term expires April 2019.





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