The Johns Creek Post Mission Statement

Cover the issues concerning the residents of Johns Creek in order to protect and improve the quality of life in our wonderful community.

Like any new city, Johns Creek did not have a dedicated hyper-local news source for residents to go to that covered important issues within the City of Johns Creek.

Should our local government be left to report on itself? We think not.

Our content is generated by and for residents of Johns Creek. We feel that the future of Johns Creek is at risk, and like any citizen that cares, we will pursue the information that we need in order to ensure our collective interests are protected.

There have been many “hot-button” issues for residents which include but are not limited to:

  • – Taxes
  • – Safety
  • – Billboards
  • – Traffic Lights
  • – Zoning Cases
  • – City Contractors
  • – 400-foot Radio Tower
  • – City Council Elections
  • – Unfilled Council Seats
  • – How to Appeal Property Taxes
  • – Proposed Roads Construction

Our primary mission is to bring the information to the residents of Johns Creek on what our government is doing and where they are taking us. We are the primary stakeholders in Johns Creek. We pay 80% of the property taxes, most of the sales taxes, suffer the most in traffic and congestion and have the most to lose if our City veers off course from the reasons we chose Johns Creek as our home.

We understand that there are those that would like to turn everything over to the local government and be done with it. We are not those people. We never will be. This is our City and our Government, and we will hold them accountable for their actions as best as we can.

There are many issues bubbling below the surface in Johns Creek. We aim to bring those issues to the forefront of our communications, give our residents access to the data (we believe we provide more links to data than anyone else), and raise questions so that they may decide for themselves if we are headed in the right direction. Unlike others, we trust that our residents can make sense of the data.

We are not professional newspaper hacks. We are citizens participating in this experiment we call democracy. We will continue to do so. It is our right to do so.

Historically, newspapers selected the “hot button” issues. We should not allow the local government to tell us what the hot button issues are either. Rather, it is us that should tell them. A Mayor should not be informing us of what is important. We should be informing him. It’s that simple.

In this era of digital overload, we will bring the issues we feel are critical to the attention of the residents of Johns Creek as soon as we can. Residents are then free to investigate further, ask their council members questions, and decide for themselves how they feel about the issues. Many of the issues we face today could change the face of Johns Creek forever. These major decisions deserve our attention BEFORE they are implemented.

We will also provide context to what we feel are the important issues in Johns Creek. Readers are free to comment and add their own context.

That’s how we want it to work:

An engaged citizenry participating in our local government.

Because if we cannot impact our local government, we cannot impact any government.