Nancy Reinecke’s Voter Update

Dear Johns Creek Voters,

It has been awhile since my last communication.  During that time, the City of Johns Creek has made good progress on two of four key issues I campaigned on — paving our neighborhood streets, and enhancing our park resources 😀.
Just this past week, I attended an Open House hosted by the cities of Johns Creek and Duluth on possible designs for the restoration of Rogers Bridge across the Chattahoochee River in the Shakerag area.  I was pleased to hear that the National Park Service is also thinking about a similar restoration of Jones Bridge across the Chattahoochee River in the Newtown area.
On a third issue I campaigned on, which was improving fiscal practices, I still await the presentation of the 10-year financial plan to the community to show us that the city is making fiscally informed decisions with a view to longer term costs, and ensuring that the city is financially sustainable without a “fiscal cliff” ahead of us when expenditures exceed revenues.  I am hopeful that the presentation will not be delayed too much longer.
On my fourth key issue, which was greater engagement of our city council with our community, however, I remain disappointed and unsatisfied.  We, as a community, are still not participating sufficiently in our government unless we are upset about finally learning that our city has long been planning to widen major roadways near our homes to six-lane thruways.   I encourage everyone to get out and vote on April 18th, (early voting is going on now) to bring about a change in behavior by city council on this important issue.
The campaign reports for both City Council candidates are now available from the City Clerk’s office.  To date, Chris Coughlin has raised 86% of his money from Johns Creek residents in donations averaging $119 per person, whereas John Flores has raised 94% of his money from outside of Johns Creek in donations averaging $1,640 per person.
I voted for Chris Coughlin because he is the only candidate that has put in the effort to listen to the community and be knowledgeable about the issues. Chris has not sought to curry favor with any particular voting bloc on Johns Creek City Council. He will speak up to contribute to the discussion and vote independently for what is best for our community.  Chris will put in the much needed effort to engage with the community before votes are taken so that the community is no longer frustrated with learning after the fact about important decisions taken by council without actively soliciting community input and buy-in.
Please vote in the City Council and the Sixth Congressional District elections!
Nancy Reinecke

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2 Johns Creekers Seek the Congress Seat

Both Bob Gray & Dan Moody, residents of Johns Creek and neighbors in Country Club of the South are seeking former Tom Price’s Congress seat.

Both men are in a push to get ahead of former Johns Creek resident Karen Handel, who tops the polls for the Republicans.

Jon Ossoff’s lead continues to increase. The Democratic candidate does NOT live in the district and it is unclear if he has ever visited Johns Creek, despite his campaign to represent our City in D.C.

Below are poll samplings from Clout Research(February)  & March (Fox5).

Both Ossoff and Moody have increased in the past month, the others slipping.

February March
Jon Ossoff 32% 40%
Karen Handel 25% 20%
Bob Gray 11% 10%
Dan Moody 2% 8%

Ask the Candidates: What is Johns Creek’s biggest opportunity, and how would you propose we maximize that opportunity?

JCCA Candidate Forum: Tuesday, March 28th 7pm

RECAP: Candidate Forum at Medlock Bridge

Fairway Package ROBBED: In Broad Daylight!

Fairway Package was ROBBED today!

The suspect appeared “Irish looking”, with red hair and had a knife.

Please report ANY leads to Police.


Ask the Candidates: What are Johns Creek’s 3 biggest challenges, and how would you propose to address them?

*Although John Flores did not respond to the questionnaire, we included his name and photo to show he is on the ballot and was not omitted on our part.

City Council is Derelict: Students in Danger

Week after week, council meeting after council meeting goes by without the City Council addressing the most singular action that could impact everyone’s lives within the City of Johns Creek.


The City council NEVER discuss the Traffic Lights! (here are suggestions)

  • What could be improved?
  • Which lights needs extending?
  • Where are the backups?
  • Where are the rear-ends?
  • Where are the T-Bones?

The traffic Light at Medlock Bridge Rd & State Bridge Rd is the source of woes and cardiac upset for many residents.

Clearly, the lights CAN BE IMPROVED.

Residents have made real suggestions on improving not only the function of the traffic light at 141 and State Bridge but also 141 and St. Ives/Grove Point and State Bridge.

One suggestion made was to install a sensor which detects when the traffic is backed up before it gets to Grove Point Road, and when it reaches that point, turning the 141 Southbound light red.  This makes sure that there is room for vehicles exiting both neighborhoods to be able to clear the intersection when they have a green light.  What sort of intelligent traffic system actually allows what we see to occur?

Another suggestion made to City Officials is to have the left turn protected arrows for that intersection occur at the end of the green light cycles for 141 north and southbound, giving a bit more time for traffic to move south on 141 before Grove Point/St. Ives receive the green light.  This allows the Medlock Bridge traffic to proceed with a right turn if vehicles are not making a U-turn from the 141 Northbound lane, and it potentially eliminates conflicts with St Ives vehicles once St Ives receives a green light, for the Medlock Bridge vehicles will have in many cases already cleared the intersection.

Nearly, every morning, the backup reaches the main gate of St Ives. This impacts the ability for the cars and buses to safely exit and get in the southbound lane. This is due to the very short 20 second green light on the 141 and the less than adequate amount of time given to southbound through traffic on 141 Southbound.

Once again we must question the intelligent lights if regardless of the length of the backup, the light does not adjust appropriately to handle that backup.  Also, we once again must ask why the third lane through southbound using the asphalt we have has yet to be implemented?

Light cycle, after light cycle, you can wait and there will be a backup “in the box”. So cars and buses enter the box and wait till they can to go south.

We must ask this question:  Could a traffic operator charged with keeping this intersection clear of vehicles do so manually?  We believe the answer is yes.   And if so, why can’t the intelligent lights then also do so?

We believe that the traffic will only do what they are programmed to do.  Therein lies our biggest problem.


Below, the cars on the Medlock Bridge Rd Northbound side get a green light. Only the right lane of cars can drive. The left lane is impeded by the bus waiting to get into the southbound lane.

How safe is that City Council & Mayor?

Aren’t we suppose to be the “Safest City” in Georgia?

What about the schoolkids on the bus?

What about the drivers that blow through the red lights because the light cycles are soo short, only a few cars get to go?

When will you take action and improve the traffic lights?

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT the first time the JCP has written about this.

We published the post below in May 2016.

Will they EVER hold their staff accountable?

Complaints have still fallen on deaf ears.

Ask the Candidates: How do you propose to address traffic congestion in Johns Creek?

*Although John Flores did not respond to the questionnaire, we included his name and photo to show he is on the ballot and was not omitted on our part.

Ask the Candidates: What do you want to achieve on Council?

*Although John Flores did not respond to the questionnaire, we included his name and photo to show he is on the ballot and was not omitted on our part.

City Council Candidate Forum: Tuesday, March 21st 7-9pm

Need an Absentee Ballot?

Are you a college student, military or overseas, traveling or just want to vote by mail? It’s easy and free!

FYI: Request 2 Ballots: 6th Congressional District Special Election; City of Johns Creek City Council Post 4 Special Election

Get your absentee ballot here

MGF Widening: Were the Residents Sold out?

With an astounding 200+ homes impacted by the proposed McGinnis Ferry Rd Widening, one has to ask “How did we get here?”.

Nearly 2 years ago, the City of Johns Creek, negotiated a deal with Forsyth County to place a radio tower on the County line. In exchange, the City agreed to the widening of McGinnis Ferry Rd, all on Forsyth County’s terms. Below in yellow are excerpts from the IGA.

A. The City agrees to the following:

6. To work in good faith with the County in advancing the Project, to include cooperation and  assistance with, to include the joint submittal of, any permits, grant(s) or funding requests and/or regulatory approvals.

Also within the IGA is more questionable judgment.  So rather than, line the road the best way possible, the City is looking for the cheapest way possible.

Of course, Forsyth wants to pursue the cheapest option as they are paying the bulk of the expense.  But we have one of the wealthiest counties working with one of the wealthiest cities.  Why would we not work to do it the right way rather than the cheapest way that can get approved?
Look at the half-assed traffic roundabouts we have because we were trying to do it on the cheap.  Now everyday drivers who use it can be reminded of what a lousy job the City of Johns Creek did.

The City agrees, however, that the primary – but not sole – consideration in establishing and  approving the alignment is the minimization of Project costs;

Finally, the most daunting statement, that will impact families, property values, and communities: Eminent Domain.


The County shall have the requisite authorization to undertaken any and all necessary activities within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City in furtherance of the Project, to include – but not be limited to – land acquisition, eminent domain, land disturbance, permitting…

em·i·nent do·main

The government takes possession of private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

Our City agreed to allow Forsyth County eminent domain over Johns Creek properties.

Source: City of Johns Creek

Can you hear me? Nope, Not at City Hall!

With regard to the audio problems in the Open House meeting on 3/8, I have a few audio/video suggestions for future Johns Creek Town Hall and Open House meetings, both in the existing and future City Hall Council Chambers room:

1. Check that microphones are working and the signals are properly routed and mixed to the audio/video recording device before the meeting starts. If not, fix obvious problems before the meeting starts.

2. For the purposes of recording, distribute a few mics around the audience area with a low gate threshold (preferably in ceiling). This will result in some ambient noise, but at least the audience members speaking will be recorded. This is much better than gated silence.

3. Mix the audience mics differently for recording versus PA. A low audience mic PA gain will minimize feedback and encourage audience members to speak up (for the recording).

4. A mixing console device with multiple bus outs or multiple send outs will help tremendously. Most modern units have these features.

5. The new Council Chambers should be outfitted for superior PA and audio/video recording. Anything less is unacceptable to the city that is “the exception to the everyday”. I know our city leaders want transparency in these meetings, especially when Tom Black speaks.

This Is Why We Are Frustrated With Traffic (In 90 Seconds)

In less than 90 seconds,  anyone should be able to clearly understand why we are frustrated with traffic and why we think that there are improvements that can be made without paving six lanes the entire length of 141.

While I took this video in Peachtree Corners, it was only because I saw it as an example of what ails us in Johns Creek.  We all experience the same thing on a frequent basis in Johns Creek.  It just happened to be convenient for me to film at this location.  Frustrated with the additional 10 minutes it took to get to Earth Faire at 12:30 p.m., I made it a point to stop and record it.

The questions I keep asking is why.  What does it take to resolve these sorts of issues with our traffic lights?

The video was taken Friday, March 10th 2017, just before 1:00 pm.  I am facing north on 141 on the eastern side of the intersection.

Be sure to watch to the very end where you will see as I zoom just how far the backup extends.



Saturday Afternoon gave me the opportunity to record the same issue, this time coming from Johns Creek.  With the sped up video  below, skip to 48 seconds in the video and hear recommendations for resolving this issue WITHOUT any additional paving needed.

This problem could be resolved sooner rather than later.

Editorial: Johns Creek Public Works Holds Meeting to Demonstrate Their Disconnect from Residents

Johns Creek City Council hosted a Public Information Open House for McGinnis Ferry and Jones Bridge roads projects on Wednesday March 8th starting at 6:00 PM.  To say that the packed house left the session disappointed would be a gross understatement.

In preparation for the meeting, Public Works and City Management staff set up graphic representations of the affected roads and surrounding neighborhoods.  Tables were set up with the intent of hosting stations to address specific questions.  That intent, however, did not come to pass.

The meeting was called to order and facilitated by Public Works Director Tom Black, and Assistant City Manager Justin Kirouac.  Attendees quickly became frustrated by several conflicting statements, and a nerve was touched when the crowd was told (more than once), “You voted for this.”  It was at this point that the anger of the crowd ignited, and control of the meeting by Black and Kirouac was lost. 

City Council members Stephanie Endres and Lenny Zaprowski stepped forward to help address some of the questions being posed.  Councilwoman Cori Davenport was also in attendance, as was City Council candidate Chris Coughlin.  Conspicuous by their absence were Mayor Mike Bodker, Councilman Steve Broadbent, and Councilman Jay Lin.

Several meeting attendees expressed their anger, stating that they had been encouraged to vote Yes on the T-SPLOST referendum this past November after being advised by Public Works staff that the widening of McGinnis Ferry Road was a “done deal”, and that the only way to minimize the impact was to support the T-SPLOST referendum.  Then during the meeting on March 8th, they were told that final decisions on the McGinnis Ferry Road and Jones Bridge Road projects were within the power of Johns Creek to decide, and would be pursued since the public had “voted” to approve them.  Conflicting information was provided throughout the meeting with regard to just how much control Johns Creek will actually have on these projects, further frustrating attendees.

Another point of concern is the degree to which Forsyth County is controlling the design of the McGinnis Ferry Road project.  This project is being pursued based upon a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Forsyth County and Johns Creek, but delegates much of the design and decision-making to Forsyth County.  Johns Creek residents expressed their concerns that they perceive that their interests are not being adequately represented by our City Council and Public Works department.  Several residents are set to lose most of their private property, and over half of the value of their property if the project goes through as planned.  While there will be a direct impact on those property owners who will have at least a portion of their property taken by this project, there will also be an impact to the value of all property owners, to the extent of their proximity to increased road noise and other associated impacts that will negatively affect quality of life issues.

The Jones Bridge Road project was described as entirely within the control of Johns Creek.  Several residents commented that Jones Bridge Road doesn’t experience the congestion that would warrant a widening project, and that it seemed the project was being pursued as an adjunct to the McGinnis Ferry Road project.

Similar to a prior meeting to discuss the proposed widening of Medlock Bridge/141, residents expressed their concerns that our city seems intent on increasing road capacity due to traffic that originates outside of Johns Creek, and that the spending of our local tax dollars to accommodate that traffic comes at the expense of the quality of life in Johns Creek, and will result in a radical altering of the residential character of the community.

The two recent meetings to discuss road projects in our city demonstrate that our City Council and Public Works department have a significant disconnect between their proposed plans and the desires of the residents of Johns Creek.  I applaud the City Council members who attended the meeting to listen to their constituents.  It’s clear that the residents of Johns Creek expect the balance of our elected officials to make themselves accountable to the people who elected them, and to stop drawing false correlations between the desire to address traffic congestion, and what appears to be a wholesale effort to pave our way to some mythical traffic nirvana.  If we continue to purse that path, we’ll be left with a massive concrete parking lot surrounded by residential For Sale signs.

Register to Vote Deadline: March 20th

Register online here: Takes 2 minutes (just need your driver’s license!)

Coming Soon: News Businesses

Snowy Rolls Ice Cream will be an exciting addition to the Creek. It is located near Pikes, 5779 State Bridge Road.

The “Stir-Fried” Ice Cream is rolled in view for patrons.

Source: Snowy Rolls FB

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza is located next to the Dollar Store on State Bridge Rd. This the former location of Stevie B’s pizza.

John Flores to Run for Johns Creek City Council

Senior Development Officer for the Faith and Freedom Coalition, John Flores, announced Thursday that he will be a candidate for the open seat in an April special election for City Council of Johns Creek.

A special election for city council is being held April 18th to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of city councilman Bob Gray, who is running for Congress. “I’m running to bring new energy and real solutions to the Council,” said Flores. “Johns Creek has become the best place to live and raise a family in Georgia, and I want to work to keep it that way.” “Having served in leadership positions in both the private sector and the not -forprofit sector, I have helped lead efforts to maximize growth for several organizations while improving the efficiencies of those organizations as well. I’ll rely on that proven management experience and efficiency skills to improve Johns Creek.”

“I will work to strengthen our public-private partnership model of government. By injecting more private competition into our city services, we get the highest quality services at the best price for the taxpayer. I will also fight to keep taxes low and fight for real traffic solutions.”

“We need to ensure that we properly manage our greenspace and parks, helping to make sure that the public enjoys these assets. I will work to help local community organizations expand uses of parks in order to ensure that our community gets the best engagement possible,” said Flores.

John and his wife, Aimee, have been married for six years and have three children. The family lives in the DoubleGate subdivision of Johns Creek and are active members of Northpoint Community Church. John studied Political Science and Economics while attending Texas A&M University. Aimee attended Auburn University and then worked for ten years as an elementary school educator.