Breaking News: 2017 Election Results: All Incumbents Re-Elected; Post 3 Runoff Likely

election results

Post 1

Lenny Zaprowski bested Issure Yang by 507 Votes, with 54.09% (3,351)

This was a significant decrease from his 2013 election 67.76% (4240)

Issure Yang tallied an impressive 45.91 (2,844)

As concerned businesswoman/mother, with no name recognition or political experience, she is noted for changing the dialogue regarding the Comp plan draft and highlighting the inclusion of multiple mixed-used developments. Her opponent Lenny Zaprowski changed his rhetoric and came out in agreement regarding the over-development.


Post 3

Is heading into a runoff. John Bradberry missed the mark by approximately 125 votes.

JOHN BRADBERRY 48.19% (2,975)
VICKI HORTON 42.05% (2,596)
MARK VENCO 9.77% (603)

Runoff date is December 5th


Post 5

Stephanie Endres Landslides into her re-election.

STEPHANIE ENDRES (I) 71.44% (4,402)

CHRIS JACKSON 28.56% (1,760)


Mayor Race

Bodker won unopposed


Fulton County Chairman

Despite his numerous commercials and mailer, Gabriel Sterling didn’t make the runoff.

ROBB PITTS (D) 38.14% (49,095)

GABRIEL STERLING (R) 27.98% (36,022)

KEISHA S. WAITES (D) 33.88% (43,615)

Runoff date is December 5th


All numbers are unofficial until certified by Fulton County BOE.


City Council Candidates Voter Guide: 2017


Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 7th.

7 am – 8 pm

Voting will be at your assigned poll.

Find your Polling Location here!


Why do you want to be a Councilperson?

Discuss 1 Tax you want to reform, if not, why?

How do you think the traffic woes should be improved?

What issue in Johns Creek you would like to Address?

What are your thoughts on creating a park in Johns Creek capable of hosting sports tournaments?

$ Candidate Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3


$ Candidate Campaign Donations: Post 5 & Mayor




Source: Fulton County Elections

2017 Campaign Donations: Post 5 & Mayor

Post 5

Stephanie Endres

Chris Jackson did not submit Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report to the online portal for public viewing. CCDR forms would be required if he is spending more than $2600. We have requested his forms and will update.

Update: Chris Jackson has told the JCP he did not exceed the $2600 in donations. He also indicated he did not accept donations, except from his family members.



Alex Marchetti

Mike Bodker

Lots of donations from developers and connections to City Consultants. He also received a very large donation from the Realtor PAC, who only support candidates that are favorable to affordable housing.

Source: City of Johns Creek

Big Money: Mixed Use in Johns Creek

There has been a tremendous push from some Elected Officials and community members encouraging Mixed Use Development and eager Landowners to cash in on their land by having it rezoned. What is Mixed-Use?

Mixed-use development is a type of urban development that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections.[1][2] Wikipedia

Concerned Residents in Medlock Bridge requested the JCP publish the following renderings from a local realtor and longtime resident, Dagmar Sand’s facebook page. Her property along with her neighbors is for sale. Combined, it is a large amount of land, abutting Medlock Bridge next to Johns Creek High School.

Mixed-Use is a very lucrative for developers. The profit margin can be 3-5x or more of what a single story commercial property would generate. Also, it is an income-producing asset with the continual revenue stream from rentals and tenants, as opposed to owner-occupied.

With State Bridge Rd set to be widened to 6 lanes from 141- Kimball Bridge Rd from TSPLOST, what do you think of this proposed development?

Image Source: Dagmar Sand’s Facebook page

2017 Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3

Post 1

Issure Yang is primarily self-funding her campaign.

100% of her donations are from Johns Creek Residents, with no ties to Developers or the Real Estate industry.

Lenny Zaprowski has a few donations from the real estate industry. Atlanta Realtors Political Action Committee and a Residential & Mixed Use Developer.

64% of the total donations collected was from ‘Outside Johns Creek’.

Post 3


The JCP was alerted one of Vicki Horton’s donor is a Johns Creek Resident and voter, even though the Post Office has her address listed as Roswell (She is on the city border). We corrected the calculations below.


Vicki Horton has 23 donations, 9 from ‘Outside of Johns Creek’ which comprises of 26% of the money collected.

74% of the total donations are from Johns Creek Residents.

Vicki Horton has 23 donations, 10 from ‘Outside of Johns Creek’ which comprises of 31% of the money collected.

69% of the total donations are from Johns Creek Residents.

John Bradberry’s campaign is 100% funded by Johns Creek Residents, with no ties to developers or the Real Estate industry.

Although John Bradberry missed the deadline for submitting the latest campaign finance disclosure, he provided the JCP with a copy. It is pending the City Clerk’s approval.

Correction: Mark Venco alerted the JCP that he submitted his paperwork in person with the City Clerk (and is not on the server along with all the others).

Mark Venco stated that he is 100% Self-Funding his campaign, and is not taking donations.

Mark Venco did not submit Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report, which is required if spending more than $2600.

We will publish Post 5 & Mayor Donations separately

Source: City of Johns Creek

Ask the Candidates: Discuss 1 tax you want to reform, if not, discuss why.

Letter To The Editor: Trusting the Messenger

The recent Johns Creek Herald article (10/25/17) about “trusting the messenger” is so full of malarkey I really don’t know where to begin. So let’s start at the top.

The first few paragraphs sound like Mr. Hurd just recently discovered the Internet and wants to warn folks that not everything on the net is true. And this warning seems particularly important since Mr. Hurd wants to conveniently confuse reader blog comments from other posted content. This, combined with his lecture on “sourcing” in the context of a comment blog makes you wonder if Mr. Hurd has ever visited modern online news sites like Yahoo or CBS News, among hundreds of others. If we could just go back to the days when print editors controlled reader feedback with very limited print space.

The second paragraph sounds like Mr. Hurd believes the Internet is the only place we have fake news. He says the “national media” is plagued by it on the Internet. Otherwise, Mr. Hurd apparently believes the “national media” (or is it “the system”) never contrives stories or references unnamed or anonymous sources and they always consider the motives of all anonymous sources. All of this is laughable so far!

Next, we move on to the Mayor defending the city’s openness. I’m not aware that anyone in JC is complaining about this. But there is a big difference between making city information available and keeping citizens informed. In the Mayor’s defense on this topic, a large part of Johns Creek residents don’t bother to be informed.

Next up are claims made by the Mayor against the JCP. As reported, these claims have very little detail. And, are we talking about reader blog comments? The same goes for the claims of Mr. Carrel with no reported investigation into his “friend” sources. And once again, is Mr. Carrel talking about reader blog comments? Is Mr. Carrel and his friends aware that comments don’t immediately appear on the JCP after they are submitted? I’ve seen many comments on the JCP that were entirely opposed to any apparent “narrative” and they were nearly ALWAYS posted by an anonymous source. What are these posters afraid of, busy city residents with families? Then the Mayor chimes in with how “he’s been told of several cases where comments were edited to change their meaning to further the Post’s narrative”. What about those sources, Mr. Hurd?

The Mayor doesn’t want to launch a (frivolous) lawsuit about this during his campaign but he is quite happy to discredit or smear some of his JCP detractors if he can. After all, they seem to be quickly growing in numbers and voting power, and this is very scary to the business, development, construction, consulting, and contracting community in JC. The first attempt at publicly discrediting the JCP backfired a few weeks ago with the involvement of an overzealous citizen who did more harm than good to the JCP smear effort. Mr. Hurd didn’t seem to want any part of this. What we have now is V2.0 of the smear effort and Mr. Hurd cooperated this time, less than two weeks prior to election day. But the big question is, can we trust the messenger?

By Zane Edge

Most Secure House in USA for Sale in Johns Creek

Can’t be safe enough, in the safest City in Georgia.

In the event, you need ballistic shielding from a barrage of AK-47 bullets, or need to escape through a waterfall garage, batman-esque style, the house for you is available, only in Johns Creek.

Tucked away in Country Club of the South, is a massive estate, partially buried underground that would make “preppers” jealous. With its own three artesian wells, solar energy system and geothermal heating are enough to sustain the residents for years off the grid.

Within the Eco-Friendly, Green Compound, there is plenty to keep the new owner, occupied in the event of a catastrophe, with its own bowling alley, wine cellar & grotto, art gallery, hot tub, billiards, full fitness gym, shooting range & movie theater.

Public Records report the owner has collectively over 10 acres on separate adjacent parcels surrounding the compound. It is not known if that is included with the sale, though it is presumed so, for the price tag of $14.7 million.

Here is the link, if you are interested….

Can You Trust The Johns Creek Herald?

The Johns Creek Post also asked the Johns Creek Herald a few questions.  Here is their perspective on their job.  Answers were supplied by the editor Hatcher Hurd.

1) It frequently appears you have a very close and cozy relationship with certain elected officials in Johns Creek and other municipalities. Do you feel an obligation disclose this to the readers?

The question implies that we do not give fair or balanced information to our readers because of our relationships with elected officials. Of course we know the city’s elected officials well and regularly communicate with them – that’s been Appen Media’s job since 1990, and with the city since it was incorporated. Public officials are representatives of the people who elected them, so our ability to accurately communicate the opinions and priorities of those in office it is an asset to the Johns Creek community.

2) What criteria is used when the Johns Creek Herald decides to praise one council member and chide another publicly?

We report facts. We don’t take sides in our news coverage. If we do pen an opinion it is placed on our opinion pages and labeled as such with the author’s name clearly identified.

3) Does the Mayor automatically receive free space for opinion letters, such as who he is supporting, in elections? (Ex: John Flores endorsement)

No, but we do offer city and government officials a courtesy guest column on rare occasions if it is for the public good

4) The City is on track to pay over $25k for advertising to the Appen this year, in addition to $182k in past years. With such a lucrative relationship with the city, do you feel an obligation to disclose this to the readers?

We are always happy to be transparent with government spending in our publications. It is also part of the city’s public records. Our records show the City of Johns Creek spent $18,977.50 in legal advertising as required under the law in 2015 and $18,148.75 in 2016. For display advertising (things like festivals and special events) they spent $6,628.10 in 2015 and $18,952.10 in 2016. Both numbers represent <1% of Johns Creek Herald’s revenue.

5) How does the revenue the JCH receives from Johns Creek affect the criticism that may or may not be made regarding important issues?

It has zero affect on our coverage. We strive to be fair and balanced and write to inform the public.

6) I regularly pull the FOIA records logs and have yet to see your name requesting documents in the past 2 years. How and why do you circumvent the proper method for acquiring documents with the city?

As it pertains to the city, a FOIA request is not the “proper method”. Most of the time we simply ask for the information we seek from the department responsible for the information. If there were ever a case that we were not given information that we feel the public has a right to, we would certainly make a FOIA request.

7) What research does the JCH do in matters such as the Traffic Lights, to affirm that indeed they are the best money can buy? Where is the documentation to support such statements?

Most purchases of equipment are done through state contracts. Georgia, like many states, submits for bid a whole range of equipment such as police cars and a range of other products that will allow it to get the best price.
The state ensures that the equipment meets its required specifications. Vendors typically allow counties and cities to participate on the state contract. Obviously, the state can negotiate a far better price than an individual city or county. The state also ensures the products are of good quality. It would be beyond our means to test and evaluate all of the equipment and materials the city buys. And rather pointless also.

8) Does the City of Johns Creek get to review stories before publication and offer suggestions or modifications?

No. The only times we would offer any kind of a review or partial review would be for a complicated issue like an annual budget to verify line items and numbers are accurately labeled and correct.