Post 5: Chris Jackson & Stephanie Endres

Below are videos of the questions and answers from the JCP Forum

1) Chris: Communication is an important part of your platform. What do you propose to improve communication?

Stephanie: What have you done in the past 18 months to improve communication?

2) The Arts & Cultural community contributes greatly to the quality of life in Johns Creek. They have been heavily campaigning for the city to pay for a feasibility study, which they contributed to recently.

Should the city invest in a performance arts center? If no, why If yes, how?

3) Johns Creek has many undocumented businesses, specifically work-at-home operations. What do you propose to bring these businesses out of the shadows?

4) Name an element in the City Charter that you would like to change?

5) Chris: Do you think the City should pursue CDBG HUD Grants?

Stephanie: Why are you so opposed to Johns Creek pursuing HUD Grants?

6) What would you like to improve within the City?