Robb Pitts- The First 100 Days Report

Below is an excerpt from a page at the Fulton County Website on Robb Pitts- The First 100 Days Report.  Great news for all of us that have our properties increased by more than 50%!!!  They will be reviewed.


Property Tax Reform:

We’ve allocated $3.4 million in the budget to begin to fix the broken property tax appraisal system. The money will be used to hire more appraisers, provide better training for them, improve technology, and enhance our communications strategy to keep our citizens informed. Property owners will see a more up-to-date website as well as community outreach. We will also be producing and distributing brochures and information on every aspect of the process. Additionally, each property that received a 50% increase or more will be reviewed.

The bold text above is our emphasis.

Please remember, it will be the Millage Rate selected that will raise your taxes.  If the Rollback rate is not selected, we are all going to providing a windfall of tax revenue to whatever elected body does not choose the rollback rate.

It’s NOT too early to start contacting your elected officials.  They know how this process works and they can put everyone at ease with the valuations that are coming by announcing now what they are planning to do when it comes to Millage Rates.

You can read Chairman Pitts’ full comments here:

2 thoughts on “Robb Pitts- The First 100 Days Report”

  1. There’s nothing like a broken system that continues to be used solely as a way to generate tax dollars however it can.

    The system is always tilted in favor of those that benefit from the tax collections.