Most Secure House in USA for Sale in Johns Creek

Can’t be safe enough, in the safest City in Georgia.

In the event, you need ballistic shielding from a barrage of AK-47 bullets, or need to escape through a waterfall garage, batman-esque style, the house for you is available, only in Johns Creek.

Tucked away in Country Club of the South, is a massive estate, partially buried underground that would make “preppers” jealous. With its own three artesian wells, solar energy system and geothermal heating are enough to sustain the residents for years off the grid.

Within the Eco-Friendly, Green Compound, there is plenty to keep the new owner, occupied in the event of a catastrophe, with its own bowling alley, wine cellar & grotto, art gallery, hot tub, billiards, full fitness gym, shooting range & movie theater.

Public Records report the owner has collectively over 10 acres on separate adjacent parcels surrounding the compound. It is not known if that is included with the sale, though it is presumed so, for the price tag of $14.7 million.

Here is the link, if you are interested….