The 'District'

March 13, 2015



What are your thoughts about the potential redevelopment within Johns Creek?

  • Going Vertical
  • Urban in Suburban
  •  Largest Ever redevelopment in Metro Atlanta
  • The Need for the City to generate $139 million +


Source: Johns Creek Advantage


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7 comments on “The 'District'”

  1. This is another joke being played on the citizens of JC. "The District" is being presented as though it's a good thing. It isn't. We are being told this will hold down our taxes, but perhaps higher taxes would not be necessary if the city gov more efficiently managed the money they (we) have already. They are trying to convince us that by bringing more business into JC will reduce our tax burden. Perhaps there would be no potential tax burden if those in charge would get real with their "wish list". Is their wish list the same as yours?
    Do we want JC to become Buckhead???
    There is already too much traffic in JC, with no apparent effective plan as to how to address it. Furthermore, far too little green space is being preserved. I know of NO green space being planned aside from the 2.5 acres at the corner of Bell and Boyles; where a large roundabout will also be built, so as you spin around the circle you can hold your nose and jump off at the park, and then breath the fumes of the passing vehilcles while you commune with nature... Giving us 2.5 acres, as though it's generous. Really???
    As it stands today we have 50% less green space per 1000 people than other cities like ours, yet the green space dwindles more and more every single day. Concrete and brick is taking over. The trees are being mowed down with no thought about the impact their absence will have on our environment. The beauty that attracted most of us to JC is being annialated. Look around people. Clear cutting is the norm. Cramming one sub-division after another in an already severely congested area is also the norm. Rezoning signs and public notices are continually and repeatedly being placed where they are impossible to read. Do you think that's unintended? Soon it will take an hour or more to travel ten miles. That's what will be norm in JC if citizens do not step forward and take a stand. A few people can speak out- those that go to the public meetings and such, but the more voices that are heard the greater the impact. Please make your voice heard. Get involved.

  2. We need green space, not office space.

    Did you know that the Development Authority of Fulton County has over 570,000 feet of space available today in the area defined as the "Business District"?

    Broadbent is a director for the Development Authority of Fulton County. One would think he knows just how soft that market is.

    Where is the demand?

    Have a look at these real estate trends in Atlanta. Decide for yourself. Then vote accordingly.,SalePricesFS,TotalAvailableForSaleFS,NumberOfListingsFS,ProfileViewsFS,TotalNumOfUnitsFS,TotalSFAvailableFS,DaysOnMarketFS,AskingRentsFL,TotalSFAvailableFL&PropertyTypes=Office,Industrial,Retail

    1. Yes John. We need people like you on the council, before it's too late to change the course of the present decisions being made...

  3. The best way for Johns Creek to operate is to have a council of individuals that understand in this order:

    1) The Charter and it's intent
    2) The Comprehensive Plan and it's intent.
    3) The ability to function within the limits of both.
    4) The belief that thousands of residents making decisions of what is in their own best interest collectively make the best decisions for the present and the future of Johns Creek,

    It is the residents of Johns Creek that have identified, shaped, and narrowed the scope of what they wanted as a city and it's character going forward. We created a City to preserve and protect that. And I know I voted to create a City because I wanted to have local control over these issues.

    There are competent individuals on our City Council today. Please begin to speak up. Ask the hard questions. Listen to the people. I suggest you hold small meetings with the residents sooner rather than later and discuss these issues.

    Bring the City Charter, the Comprehensive Plan that was just updated in September of 2014, and get some coffee and have a discussion that hits three main topics:

    1) What was the intent of the City Charter in filling the open Council Seats. Do not talk to lawyers about what it might have meant or how it can be legally interpreted. Ask the citizens what it meant to them. How would they interpret when vacancies should be filled? If vacancies have no impact, why would we ever fill them?

    Without full representation, we are at a disadvantage. Fewer questions are being asked, fewer viewpoints are being taken into consideration, and weaker decisions will be the outcome.

    Bring this issue of the Special Election back before the City Council and have the elections BEFORE a vote on the Central Business District.

    2) Discuss the Comprehensive Plan. See if the residents still agree that this is what they want for Johns Creeks future. If it is, then go back to the Council and cast your votes to support the Comprehensive Plan. If it is not, then change the Comprehensive Plan first. And if that is something that the Council does not want to do, then ditch the Comprehensive Plan altogether because it is worthless and a waste of time.

    3) Ask the residents if the want more traffic and more high density housing in Johns Creek's Central Business District before the traffic issues are addressed or after.

    The Legacy of Johns Creek is indeed at stake. So do we redefine the City to something we never indicated we wanted? Or do we preserve the character of our City as it is today and address the traffic issues first because that affects us each and every day,

    Will this even be our choice to make? Or has it already been decided for us? Do we have local control or or not?

    We will soon find out.

    Contact your City Council sooner rather than later.

    Put Johns Creek Residents first. It's why there is a Johns Creek in the first place.

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