These Are the Best Dog Breeds for Children

February 25, 2021
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Kids and dogs are a great team, no doubt about it. And with over 48 million households claiming at least one Fido to their family, parents are aware of the many benefits of owning a dog.

But if you're considering getting a dog for your kids, there are many things to go over first. And usually, the first question that pops up is: what dog breeds will work with children?

Don't worry, your fur-friendly guide is here! Read on to discover some of the best dog breeds for children.

Dog Breeds That Are Friendly and Fun

Most often, a family wants a dog for children that will be fun-loving and have enough energy to keep up with the kids' activity level. You'll definitely be barking up the right tree (pun intended) if you seek out any of the breeds mentioned below.


Generally very patient with a great energy level, poodles often make the perfect accompaniment to any family tree. Add to that they are hypoallergenic (meaning they don't shed), parents of kids with pet allergies can rest assured they won't have any issues with red eyes and runny noses.


It's pretty easy to spot this variety with their doleful eyes and pouty mugs. Bulldogs are ready to play and chase around even the liveliest kid.

And there are lots of different types of bulldogs to choose from, from the perky little French bulldog down to the floppy-jawed English bulldog. Even if you're having a hard time with the French vs English bulldogs debate, after doing a little research you can land on the pooch that's right for you.


Again, a type of breed that has a delightful variety to choose from, most retrievers are child-friendly dogs with a happy-go-lucky countenance and patient handling of young ones.

What types of labradors are there? There is the typical golden retriever, with a sunny disposition and eager personality. Or you can also look into labrador retrievers, who form a loyal attachment to their family and make a great family dog with their laid-back personality.


These friendly little tail-waggers have a hysterical approach to life with their smooshed-in faces and buggy eyes. They are typically friendly, love a good belly rub, and love getting loads of attention. Pugs are also pretty docile when it comes to little hands that have a tendency to grab and can often be found snuggling up to their little human friends during naptime.

Make a Good Choice When You Get a Puppy

Keep this list in mind when you're looking to find that fur-ever friend for your kids. While having a dog is a great time investment, they are also the perfect playmate and companions to a growing family.

So, be patient while going through the plethora of kid-friendly dog breeds out there, and you'll be sure to find the perfect Spot for your home spot.

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