Truth & Rumors…from City Hall

At Monday night’s meeting, “Traffic Light Synchronization” can, was kicked down the road -AGAIN- as a future agenda item. Councilman Lenny Zaprowski hastily included in the agenda, the concept of the City to have a Government “Rumors Page”. To provide the “Facts”, yes, from the same government agency that struggles to keep its books in order, website up-to-date, zoning documents accurate, and contracts filled out completely.

The source of much of the dysfunction within the City, to be deemed the source of “truth”. If that isn’t eclipsing communism, what is? Mayor Bodker, Councilmen Steve Broadbent & Lenny Zaprowski were favorable to the “Rumors Page”. Councilman John Bradberry opposed and thought the concept was “Orwellian”.

The City Manager, Warren Hutmacher couldn’t cite examples of anything in the news (or JCP) that wasn’t accurate. Councilwoman Stephanie Endres told the City Manager, staff should focus on keeping the City website up-to-date and provide accurate timely information to all, would be a better time spent for staff.

Mayor Bodker went on stampede twice, once during the Work Session and other during the Council meeting, against trolls bothering him on Facebook, stating he isn’t medicating his wife, a Pedophile, like Kim Jong Il or a Communist. Will these ridiculous and malicious comments be refuted on the “Rumors Page”?

Johns Creek is one of the most educated Communities in Georgia, and yet we need to be told not to believe such outrageousness that everyone naturally dismisses.

Mayor Bodker used government time to focus on a personal issue, rather policies that impact all residents, like traffic, sidewalks and safety. After multiple years waiting, traffic lights timing still hasn’t been seriously discussed or remedied, and we wonder why.

Councilman Lenny Zaprowski was on a warpath against anonymous commenters, and read out a bunch of malicious comments and claimed they were made by the Johns Creek Post, which is False. Councilman Lenny Zaprowski got those comments from around Facebook and attributed them to the JCP. We want this put on the “Rumor’s page”.

The JCP cannot stress enough, it has no control over Facebook. Comments there is the responsibility of the Commenter. There is no feasible way to monitor comments, as they can be edited and changed and shared in every direction, by the minute. Facebook has its own system to flag comments and block profiles. Please utilize these features to remove vulgar comments if you come across them.

Mayor Bodker called out on the public to Unmask the Trolls”, and we did just that in this Post…

1 thought on “Truth & Rumors…from City Hall”

  1. Just another case where the “victims” turn out to be their own perpetrators. Some of these people on the Council have too much time on their hands. Business must be slow for you, Lenny. Keep up the “good” work, your unethical practices will catch-up with you one day. I feel sorry for you.

    See you at church!