Understanding Your 2019 Tax Assessment

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 Exemptions and tax caps can be confusing.

2019 Fulton County Tax Assessment  Fulton County mailed out 2019 tax assessment notices on June 18 and by now, you likely have reviewed the numbers. Your assessment may have gone up. However, even if you have seen an increase in your property value, changes approved by voters last November may protect you from huge jumps in your actual tax bill and potentially can reduce your overall property tax bill compared to the amounts that you paid in 2018. We know this is confusing so here is some information that may be helpful.

The Basics
  • Every Fulton County property is assessed and must be within 10% of Fair Market value, according to Georgia law.
  • Your property has a fair market value which is the price a buyer would be willing to pay to purchase it.
  • The value is determined by a property’s size, age, construction, location and sale of comparable properties.
  • The assessed value of your home is 40% of the fair market value (e.g. Fair market value = $100,000, Assessed value = $40,000)
  • Net taxable value is the difference between your 40% assessment and all your exemptions.
  • Not all properties are eligible for exemptions. The most common exemption is the homestead exemption, however, there is a myriad of other exemptions which may apply and new exemptions which passed via voter referendums in 2018 take effect in 2019.

From Bob Ellis, Fulton County Commissioner

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