Voter Guide: Jay Lin

October 30, 2015
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Here is the 2015 Election Voter Guide for Jay Lin. Jay Lin has declared he is "Running for the Right Reasons".

He runs a construction business and has declared he will recuse himself from all construction work for the City.

Below is Jay Lin Campaign Donations submitted 6/30/15 & 9/30/15 & 11/2/15:

  • Total of $53,662
  • $5314 total donations under $100 are a group
  • 26% of Donations are from Johns Creek
  • 74% of Donations are from Outside

Lastly, important to note too many Campaign Donators to validate voter registration.

Updated: 12/1/15

Sources: City of Johns Creek & Fulton County Voter Registration List 8/2015


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