Campaign Contributions: Lenny Zaprowski OMITS BIG $$$$! Where’d it Go?

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Councilman Lenny Zaprowski received 2 BIG Campaign Contributions in December 2017.

Cori Davenport & her husband John Davenport donated $2600 each totaling $5200. They gifted the generous donations immediately after Councilwoman Cori Davenport’s last City Council meeting on 12/5/17.

Lenny Zaprowski OMITTED the Davenport’s Campaign Contributions from the six disclosures he has filed since.
There have been six opportunities to correct this if it was an oversight and it has not yet happened.

Campaign Contributions: Lenny Zaprowski Johns Creek

Abra Kadabra 🎩. Just like that! Where have the unaccounted donations gone?

This leaves more questions than we have answers for:

  • Where’s the money deposited – campaign or personal account?
  • How could Lenny Zaprowski not notice the bank statements?
  • Are there other unaccounted donations?
  • How was the money spent?

Below is the statement from the 2-day report Lenny Zaprowski signed. The State of Georgia requires this quick form for donations over $1000.

I certify and affirm that I have examined this report, and say that the information in this report is complete, true, and correct. Further, I affirm that the contents in this report are the same as the contents in the electronic filing submitted, if also electronically filed. I further affirm that I understand that the above contribution(s) must also be reported on the next succeeding regularly scheduled campaign contribution disclosure report.


Lenny is required to report the $$$ in the following campaign contribution disclosures. In addition to disclosing how he spent the money. This is also unknown.

Lastly, Lenny Zaprowski will have to pay fines and submit amended forms to bring himself into compliance with the State of Georgia Campaign Ethics Commission rules and laws – if compelled to.

Source: City of Johns Campaign Finance Portal

Update 9:30 pm: 

EJ Moosa received the following text message from Lenny Zaprowski.

Ernest- this was just sent to me as a post on your blog. This is totally false and I consider it an attack on my character! I can assure you that all of my campaign disclosures are completely accurate and fully disclosed and easily provable! I demand an immediate retraction with an apology! As editor of the blog you have repeatedly made false accusations against my character. This has become a repeated pattern with harmful intent! I am hereby demanding a full retraction with an apology!

Lenny Zaprowski did not provide proof of how he can “assure” his campaign disclosures are completely accurate.

Above all, we stand by our reporting that Lenny Zaprowski did not report the Davenport’s donations on any of his CCDR’s. Below are the 6 disclosures he did file with the City Clerk after receiving the Davenport’s $5200 donation.

January 3, 2018 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – All Zero’s – no contributions or expenses reported.

January 12, 2018 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – Filed Amended Report. Disclosed other donations (including one from 12/1/17) and expenses, but NOT Davenports.

February 5 2018 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – All Zero’s – no contributions or expenses reported.

June 20, 2018 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – All Zero’s – no contributions or expenses reported.

January 31, 2019 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – All Zero’s – no contributions or expenses reported.

June 27, 2019 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – All Zero’s – no contributions or expenses reported.


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7 thoughts on “Campaign Contributions: Lenny Zaprowski OMITS BIG $$$$! Where’d it Go?”

  1. Lenny Zaprowski submitted 5 of 6 campaign contribution disclosure forms (CCDR) with all ZEROS – How is anyone to know what his donations and expenses are?

  2. Watch out Mr. Moosa,
    Big Bad Lenny pretty much said he’ll huff and puff, and blow your house down. I bet you’re shaking in your boots…

    1. It is up to the citizens to hold their governments accountable. That includes our locally elected officials.

      We should all be scrutinizing what our elected officials are doing and whom they are doing it for.

      I encourage all of you to watch your government and question everything. It’s the only way we can have the type of government we deserve.

      1. Lower Johns Creek Resident

        Most politicians prefer to be held accountable for their actions once every four years.

        The JCP tried to keep them accountable every day of the year.

        Thank you for being vigilante.

  3. D, a voter that remembers

    He wants an apology from you for uncovering this and bringing it to light?
    He hid it for years and probably thought no one was smart enough to catch him. Too bad for Mr. Z., he was found out.
    Thank you Johns Creek Post.
    Mr. Z is not the honest person he is always trying to appear as. He’s just another slippery eel.

  4. Christopher Columbus

    Posting on Facebook, Lenny Zaprowski Johns Creek City Council Post 1, onNovember 26 at 10:23 AM · — contradicts himself(as Usual):

    “There were some accusations leveled at me last night on a local blog saying I did not report all my donations from my 2017 campaign.

    I have been transparent and reported everything in full. ….

    ……..However, I have ****DISCOVERED**** that I may not have filled out my forms correctly……”

    “Dr.” Z🤡 is a freakin’ clown!!

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