• About the Johns Creek Post

    Our award-winning publication was founded in 2014. We publish Johns Creek news, lifestyle and culture stories, keeping readers up to date on everything happening in their city. We include embedded content from various websites to inform and entertain our readers.  Our website is complemented by our engaged social media presences in Johns Creek. Please follow our Facebook page, Twitter account, and subscribe to our Youtube page.

    Johns Creek Post Mission Statement

    The mission of the JCP is to be the source of the most interesting news for and about Johns Creek.
    Through advancing the reader’s knowledge and provoking discussion, we strive to entertain, inform and cover the issues concerning the Residents of Johns Creek. To protect and improve the quality of life for our wonderful community.

    Transpired from a former Resident's personal experience fighting the "SuperTower". Having discovered the City's building permits to erect a 420' (Statue of Liberty: 300') with High-Intensity strobe lights near her house. She created the "Stop the Tower" website to inform the community about the City's imminent actions. Through her research, awareness, and advocacy, a positive and effective resolution was adopted by the City to meet the Radio Tower needs for the 200 emergency-workers walkie-talkies. Whilst maintaining aesthetic standards for a residential community.

    Johns Creek was a new City without a dedicated local news website. Concern was mounting for what else was happening within the City that was unreported. Johns Creek Post was born in a grassroots manner, as a citizen-journalist powered news platform covering Local News and Community Events. We are also known for our hyper-focus coverage of the Johns Creek City Council Politics.

    Residents throughout the City provide and produce the posts. We seek to broaden our content to include more topics and positive stories about what is happening in our beautiful city. In addition, if you would like to contribute, great! Submit a post here.

    Contact us if you have a news tip, an editorial suggestion, a comment or critique, or if you’d like to learn about our various advertising options.

    FACT CHECK? To conclude, we strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact the Johns Creek Post team!

    About The Georgia Record

    The Georgia Record was relaunched in June of 2021 and has been extremely successful fighting corruption in the state named after King George of England. The original paper was started in 1899 and published into the early 20th century.

    CDM Acquisition of JCP and Merging of JCP to the GR

    In 2020, CDM (Creative Destruction Media) acquired Johns Creek Post and brought back The Georgia Record to better represent the state rather than just Johns Creek News.